Mask Orders

* Please note that as of November 22, processing time is between 3-6 days *

Built-in metal nosebands are back! If you really like the option with attaching an adhesive one after the mask is completed instead of having it built-in, please send me a note.

Mask prices will be going up starting Dec 1st so order yours at a lower price today!

Here's a video of the standard nose in action

  • All masks are 3 layers, top-stitched all around for the longevity of the mask. Elastics are double-stitched for durability.
  • The middle layer acts as a light filter and makes the mask slightly more stiff so that you can breathe in as hard as you want and the mask won't collapse into your nostrils!
  • Room for easy breathing and so your lipstick doesn't rub all over the inside. 
  • Fits snug at the bottom of your chin and has a slight peak at the nose, you can talk with these masks and not have the mask ride down and have to constantly adjust it (remember not to touch your mask while it is one!)
  • Ear loops are all adjustable and are made from a soft nylon.
  • These masks have been thoughtfully designed and fit comfortably!

If you have any questions) please let me know!