July 19, 2016

Sippy Cup Strap - A Must Have for Moms!

mom must-have
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Yup, I'm still alive, I know it's hard to believe! I do this every time I return to work from mat leave, it becomes months and months in between posts. As much as I love putting out content, it's hard finding a balance between doing that, or doing something around the house, or you know...sleeping :D

Today I'm doing a little review on hnybaby.com's Sippy Strap. In a world of unnecessary baby items to have...this isn't one of them! I've found this extremely useful and durable, and for only $8 + free shipping, you really can't go wrong.

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You all know I like to DIY stuff, because in my head, I think that I can make a version of something better, for cheaper than you would pay in stores. I actually wanted to DIY a strap contraption that would attach to something that Cambria likes to drop, so I could just pull on the strap to retrieve said item rather than having to constantly bend over to pick it up, because I'm lazy. There, I said it.

I was originally going to use some thick ribbon and use my Kam snaps on it, but I just never got around to it...even though I have both items in my house, only catch is they were in my basement, and that was just too damn far to walk!

Hnybaby.com reached out to me at the perfect time and offered to send me something from their website to test, how convenient that one of their items was exactly what I wanted! The pink Sippy Strap is well-designed, actually better than something I would have designed myself.

It has a nice adjustable buckle that will snap around high chairs, chairs with open backs...even  your baby's wrist should you so choose! It's VERY easy to adjust and takes mere seconds.

mom must-have
Easy to open/adjust

On the opposite side of the buckle is an adjustable non-slip loop, this is what you would loop around the sippy cup, or in my case...anything other than a sippy cup! The loop is fully adjustable, so you can see that it opens quite large to accommodate a very large sippy cup, and it also adjust very small so you can even fit a crayon inside, which is usually what I use my strap for, that or a utensil of Cambria's choosing.

mom must-have
Really big opening
mom must-have
Really small opening
mom must-have
Sippy Strap in action! With a fork

The non-slip side is easy to adjust and holds securely to your item. Now instead of bending over multiple times to pick up something that your child will throw onto the floor again in 4.5 seconds, you can simply pull the strap up and voila! It's like magic, adult magic, only less cool. But you know what, function is pretty cool in my world. 

This super useful strap retails for $8 on the hnybaby.com website, and they have FREE shipping in North America, how awesome is that? I honestly couldn't even make a strap myself for less than 8 dollars, well I could, it just wouldn't be as well designed and as functional as this one. 

So in case you can't tell, I give this item two thumbs up! Cute, practical, love.

Be sure to check out hnybaby.com's website for other cute mom must-haves :)

Happy shopping!