March 7, 2016

Review: MONAT Hair Care - Reviews & Thoughts

MONAT hair care review
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What is MONAT and how do you say it?? MONAT stands for Modern Nature (maw-nate) and we are an anti-aging hair care line that is new to Canada. We were founded in the United States in 2014 but saw such great response to our unique hair care line that we launched in Canada in October 2015.

All of MONAT's ingredients are naturally and botanically based, we don't use any harsh chemicals like DEAs, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, etc. so there won't be any adverse skin reactions. Not only do we have high quality ingredients, our products are also scientifically and clinically proven to grow hair, thicken it, strengthen it, protect it, and help reduce hair loss!

Sounds like a miracle product right? But does it REALLY work?

I've been putting these products to the test for 4 weeks and I'm happy to say that I believe in these products 100% and I'm finding that the growth claims are actually true.

Just to give you a quick disclaimer, I am a Market Partner with MONAT. You all know how much I love my hair and how much research I put into my reviews and all the products that I test, so hopefully you can trust that I'm sharing these products because I actually believe in them! I originally signed up thinking that if these products actually do what they say they do, then why not partner up with MONAT! And I'm glad I signed up because once word of mouth goes around, MONAT is going to catch like wildfire like Olaplex did, and there won't be a single person involved in hair that won't know what MONAT is :) Also...we have a product called our Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive that can actually be used in place of Olaplex during a color/bleaching process!

Aaaanyways, I've had the chance to test out the Balance System, Volume System, the Classic Confidence System and the Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive.  I'll give you the rundown on my thoughts for each system, but I'll be more in-depth with the Balance System as it's the primary one that I'm using to help repair my damaged, cheese-string hair.

To really test out MONAT, I've been focusing on the growth claim, so I've been using MONAT only on the left side of my hair, and my regular salon AG products on the right side of my hair. After 3 weeks here's my 'before and after' picture. The results aren't mind blowing by any means, BUT, the side using MONAT has grown more than the side without, so I believe that the growth claims are true! There's about a 3/4" difference!

MONAT growth claims test are true


This system is designed to balance the pH of your scalp, and it also adds in moisture and vitamins to nourish my dry, damaged hair. All of MONAT's products contain 4 active ingredients which are the key to achieving all the claims I mentioned above. Our Rejuveniqe Oil (which contains Abyssinian Oil), Capixyl, Procataline, and Crodasorb. You can read more about these ingredients here.  

The Balance System comes with the Renew Shampoo, Replenish Hair Masque, and Restore Leave-In Conditioner. 

  • Renew Shampoo: my FAVOURITE shampoo, I have damaged hair and I've tried a lot of different products to help heal my over-bleached hair and all shampoos have left it feeling like tangled straw, so I always need a conditioner. The Renew Shampoo is the ONLY shampoo I've rinsed out and can actually run my fingers through my hair, that just shows how nourishing and moisturizing the shampoo is. The scent is creamy and lightly delicious and relaxing, I'm horrible at scent descriptions but it smells botanical, I HATE floral and botanical smells because they give me a headache, but this stuff...mmmm.

    Let's talk LATHER. Oh my goodness, the MONAT stuff lathers so creamy and luxurious! It has really dense tiny bubbles and just feels like I'm at a spa, compared to my salon product AG shampoo, the AG bubbles are bigger and flatter and definitely don't feel moisturizing at all. The lather rocks considering MONAT is sulfate free (which means it's safe for colored hair!)

  • Replenish Hair Masque: this stuff smells just like the shampoo which I like and is ultra nourishing. If you have dry hair, it will soak this masque up and help to bring your hair back to life and reduce breakage by moisturizing your hair.

  • Restore Leave-In Conditioner: lightweight and non-greasy, this smells similar to the other two products but there is plasticky smelling? I'm not sure, it's not my favorite but it's also not horrible. 


This is what we call "liquid gold" lol, not even joking! This oil has so many great properties and can be used in so many different applications. I'm using it primarily in replace of my current skin serum on the left side of my face, and after just 2.5 weeks I've noticed my fine lines are plumped up and are less noticeable. There's no product that will completely eliminate lines and wrinkles, but this definitely helps to plump them up so I don't look so old when I smile!

I've also been using the Rejuveniqe Oil as a pre-treatment on my scalp at least 30 min prior to shampooing, I massage it in for a minute to help boost circulation and absorption, I use a few drops in my leave-in conditioner to boost the shine and moisture, I use it on my skin, when I have some eczema flare ups, and I use it after I style my hair to add more shine and help tame fly aways. 

The scent is yummy to me, it's a very light lemon cream scent so I look forward to putting it on every day :)

MONAT Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive reducing fine lines and wrinkles


  • Revive Shampoo: same great scent and lather as the Balance Shampoo (Renew), but not as moisturizing. I wasn't able to run my fingers through my hair, but it didn't make my hair feel stripped or like straw...just a wee bit tangled :)

  • Revitalize Conditioner: scent reminds me of the Leave-In Conditioner, there's something just off about it, it's not horrible, but not my favorite and a little less relaxing. 

  • Reshape Root Lifter: I sadly did not have a sample of this, but I hear great things about it, customers claim that it really does boost their roots so there is more volume, and the great thing about this is that it contains NO alcohol, so it's not drying to your hair.
I used this three washes in a row and I did notice that it didn't make my hair feel dry, but it did give it a nice little boost of volume without using extra products! Once I get my hair in good shape using the Balance System, I will definitely be switching over to the Volume System!

  • 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner: love the scent, most male users will use this system so MONAT has added some lovely peppermint oil into this so it's a bit more of a gender neutral scent. And did you know that peppermint oil helps to boost circulation and blood flow? Which in turn makes for a better hair growing environment!?

    Even though this is a shampoo AND conditioner, for females, and those with longer hair, you'll still want to use a separate conditioner because it's more on the drying side. Those with short hair (I mean like pixie cuts and shorter) can just use this alone.

Well that's my review in a nutshell, it's not quite as detailed as my video...or maybe it is but there's a bit more footage in my video showing how much shampoo I use and what the lather looks like. If you've got 10 minutes to spare, give it a watch! If you're really interested in trying out MONAT, then definitely watch it! 

Have YOU tried MONAT? Do you love it?

Happy shampooing!