March 16, 2016

Orogold Cosmetics Unboxing & Mini Review

Gold skincare subscription box
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There's nothing better than gold right? Well how about infusing 24k gold into your skincare? Say what? Yes, that's a thing, and it's super on trend right now! 

I've partnered up with Orogold Cosmetics to bring a little unboxing to you as well as a mini review :) Not only does Orogold have an extensive line of luxury skincare items, they have an annual subscription box as well as 3 mini boxes you can try with travel size items...perfect for those who are interested in upgrading their skincare game, but don't want to commit to the full size yet.

I chose package #3 which includes travel sizes of the 24k Deep Renewal Night Cream, Golden Body Butter, and Purifying Facial Toner. Keep on reading after the jump to check out my mini review!

Orogold Cosmetics Travel Box Review, Package 3

Here's the 3 lovely little products that came inside my Orogold Cosmetics box, such a lovely looking box and beautiful products. Not only is having gold in your skincare on trend right now, gold accents in your decor is too! These products look gorgeous on my bathroom vanity and I get excited to use them every night :) Yup, I am a geek. But that ain't new!

Orogold 24K deep renewal night cream review
The first product in this box is the 24K Deep Renewal Night Cream. It comes in this cute little sphere that has a twist-off lid, when you look at the cream inside the container, you can even see little specks of gold in the cream, how fancy is that!?

This is a lightweight formula that will nourish your skin while you rest so you can wake up to a softer more radiant complexion. It's formulated with Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, and of course, gold!

I've been using all of these products for about a week now and I quite enjoy them. The consistency is not super thick, not runny, but a nice consistency in between. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling...bouncy :) I might just be crazy...but when I wake up, the side of my face using this cream does look a bit more fresh and radiant!

Orogold golden body butter review

The second product in this box is the Golden Body Butter. How cute is the bottle and with that gold cap? SO pretty. Now this body butter is made with Shea butter and a blend of 24K gold, this is supposed to help reduce signs of aging while adding deep moisture and protection to your skin.

This body butter has a nice consistency, not uber thick, but it feels rich enough like it's going to actually do something for your skin. I had a little accident at a play place with my son and skinned my elbow, it's in recovery but is also super dry, I decided to use this body butter on my elbow and hands and I love the feeling it left, I my skin felt moisturized and silky. It took a few minutes to absorb into my hands and it didn't feel greasy afterwards.

Orogold Purifying Facial Toner Review

The last product in this box is the Purifying Facial Toner. By far my favorite product out of the box! It comes in a beautiful frosted glass bottle with a pop-off gold cap, and matching gold pump dispenser. This toner is designed to gently diminish impurities and remove makeup, while moisturizing the skin. This toner is enriched with witch hazel and chamomile, both ingredients have soothing and hydrating properties.

I love the pump dispenser because there isn't any cross contamination by pouring out the toner onto a cotton puff, and you have control of how much product you actually want to dispense. 

My skin doesn't feel stripped or dry after using this, unlike some of the other toners I've used in my time, so I do love the formula AND packaging :)

Now on to the scent...yes, there is definitely a floral/perfume scent to all of these products. I'm horrible at scent descriptions so I'm not even going to try to describe it, but it's not as potent as I thought they were. 

When I first took everything out of the box and rubbed it all over my skin to test it, my nose was overwhelmed with the scent and I started to get a headache. BUT, using them separately in the way that they were designed (not on the back of my hand or arm!), the scent was actually pleasant after they dried down and it wasn't IN-YOUR-FACE-I-smell-like-something. Those who are sensitive to scent, I would say to get a travel box first before diving right in to a full size, just in case. 

Well that's it that's all, I enjoyed using these products and if I ever end up finishing all the other skincare items I have, I'll definitely be looking in to seeing what else Orogold Cosmetics has to offer, and also purchasing their full size Purifying Facial Toner! That's how much I love it :) 

If you want to watch the unboxing and listen to everything once over, click on the Orogold Box image at the top of this post and you'll be redirected to my YouTube video :)

Happy...making your face look good!


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