January 16, 2016

How To Fix Your Macbook! Reference Codes PPT001 & PFM001

How to fix your macbook if the fan isn't turning off, reference code PPT001 and PFM001
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Does your Macbook fan sound like it's about to melt down your computer? Have you tried putting your laptop to sleep and/or shutting it off in hopes that it magically resets itself and the fan issue disappears?? 

Well if that sounds like you, you've come to the right blog post, I too, ran into this issue and without having to bring it in to Apple's Genius Bar...I have fixed the issue!

I'm a genius! Actually, I'm really not, the Apple technicians are, I'm just really good at following directions :)

January 8, 2016

Recipe: The BEST Healthy (Toddler) Muffins!

The best healthy toddler muffins and breakfast muffins!

Well...these may not be the BEST in the world, but they're pretty damned good :) As a crunchy mama, I'm happy with the ingredient list, and happy with the way they taste. In fact, I'm eating one as a late night snack as I type this so I can verify just how tasty they are!

These are low in refined sugar, moist, not too sweet but just sweet enough, and the best part? They freeze awesome! Since this recipe makes approximately 30 muffins, you can toss a bunch into a freezer bag, and when you need one, pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds and it's ready to eat. Excited? Keep reading after the jump for the recipe and some tips!