December 31, 2015

Construction Themed Birthday For A Toddler

Construction Theme Birthday for a Toddler
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Happy 3rd birthday to my little man! He decided that he wanted a "bobcat" theme for his birthday so we went with a general construction theme, I figured it was fair so we didn't have to single out other construction vehicles that weren't bobcat branded ;)

If you need a few ideas on how to decorate for your kid's construction theme birthday, keep on reading after the jump or click on the picture to the left to be re-directed to my YouTube video.

In my video you will see a quick tutorial on a DIY paper decoration as well as a brief explanation of how I made the cake.

So the overall color scheme for this birthday was black and yellow, with a few touches of orange thrown in. This theme was actually pretty easy to pull off because with Greyson having a thousand construction vehicles already, we just used these to decorate the cake and the kitchen. 

So starting from the left to right in my kitchen...

Toddler birthday snack bar

Since this a party for toddlers and some babies, I thought I was being super smart by making a "kid-friendly" buffet area with some healthier options, which did end up working out in the end for some of the kiddos :) 

I had some packages of freeze-dried fruits, goldfish crackers, smoothie pouches, and some little organic peanut butter and jelly sandwich rolls.

Construction theme birthday ideas

Here's a shot of the cake, a few medallion/fan decorations, and I put the big dump truck to use by lining it with some saran wrap and 'dumping' chips into it, I also had a silver platter below it that I got from the dollar store for chip overflow.

DIY paper medallion/fan decoration

A close-up of the DIY medallion/fan decoration that I made to dress up the decor a bit, made from two pieces of construction paper and then stapled together (because I was too lazy to grab my tape and tape it together!). Watch the YouTube video as I do a quick DIY demo of this. The graphic was made in Affinity Photo but you could just as easily whip it up in Microsoft Word or Paint.

Construction water bottles

This was my favorite part of the construction theme, "construction water" as Greyson called it. I made these in MS Word and wrapped them around mini water bottles, on the back where the nutritional value is I replaced it with fun facts of Greyson and all his favorite things :) I also loved that he called it construction water!

My sad attempt at decorating the kid's table :p Black and yellow colors, construction themed napkins (you can pick up the full line at, mini red solo cups and some of Greyson's construction vehicles to decorate the table.

Toddler birthday candy bar
I made a little candy bar for the kids, because what kid doesn't like candy? And what parent doesn't want their kid eating loads of sugar before going home before nap time??? I bought the containers from the dollar store, and then little plastic scoops and candy from Bulk Barn. I had the kids make their own bag of candy just before leaving so they could pop it into their goody bag!

Toddler birthday construction goody bags

And here's the goody bags! I know a lot of people hate doing them because it's wasteful and the items are just a bunch of junk, but goody bags are my favorite part :) I tried to include items that I personally wouldn't mind my kid receiving. I don't have pictures but I included a little Christmas board book, a glow stick, some cute erasers, a chocolate lollipop, mini markers,  and mini play dough. 

I also ended up doing a Christmas craft table (Grey's birthday is on December 6th so why not have some Christmas theme thrown in!?) which I thought nobody would actually use, but it turns out the kids had fun and it occupied their attention for a little while. I bought all the foam crafts from the dollar store and included several extra glitter glue tubes...because as it turns out, toddlers don't have restraint when it comes to squeezing out glitter glue, the more the better!

That's everything I included for my little construction themed birthday party, there's so many more cool ideas that I would have incorporated but I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. If I could have bared to spend more money, I would have bought a bunch of foam construction hats (which I ended up finding at Michael's Craft Store) and decorations so the kids could have decorated those and worn them at the party. I like useless stuff, it's fun!

Below is a pic of my little man :)

Such a big boy at 3 years old, I can't believe how much he's grown!

I hope you guys found that useful and hopefully got an idea or two from it. 

Have you done a construction theme for your kid's birthday? What kind of cool ideas did you incorporate?

Happy birthday planning!