November 24, 2015

Hair Color Update: Part 5

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Whaaaat!!?? Another hair color update so soon? You bet your dried, damaged hair it is! I'm even surprised myself as it hasn't even been a full month since I had the sunrise/sunset hair color. So the thing about having pastel hair is that it fades out QUICK. It was only 4 or 5 washes until all the rose gold/peach hair had pretty much completely washed out, and since it wasn't a color I was head over heels with, I decided not to touch it up and just put in a new color combo.

The color was much more vibrant in person but I applied so many filters to the pic to the left to make me look cooler than I am, so enjoy the car selfie :)

So this is the color that the sunset/sunrise hair faded to after 3 washes...maybe 4, but still, it faded pretty damned quick! I can't imagine maintaining a pastel combination long term, WAY too much effort and too much money/product to help keep the color fresh.

Peachy/rose gold 

Anyways, after a few washes after this, my hair was back to an ashy blonde(ish) color and I was ready for a change. The nice thing about having pastel hair fading out so quick is that I didn't even have to color strip my hair to get it ready for the next color, which means damaging my hair a little bit less this round.

To be fair, when I put in my pastel color, I diluted the pigments with a white conditioner rather than using a clear mixing medium, so the original color probably wasn't really "locked" into my hair to begin with...conditioner is supposed to help close your hair cuticle and smooth it, so the hair color hadn't really penetrated my hair...or so I'm thinking anyways.

What was my point? Oh, I have purple and pink hair now! I ended up applying three colors into my hair to try to achieve a gradient effect again, the top portion is Pravana Violet, mid section to help blend is Joico Pink (which has more purple tones than magenta so it worked as a good transition between the purple and pink), and the bottom tips was Pravana Magenta. The violet was SO violet and the magenta was SO magenta! It was like an explosion of vibrant color goodness in the sunlight!

Best color representation that I could take.
Poor lighting, but a good picture to see defined color transition.

Just mah standard face pose :)
I just realised I haven't done a comparison photos of all my hair colors since the blue, so let's do that! Believe it or not digging up these photos took a half hour...just think of all the time it takes when people do blog posts every day, dedication people, dedication. I can't wait to post all my colors in a comparison shot like this at the very end of my color journey...which won't be far away. I'm done mat leave in 4.5 months and then I'll be back to "corporate" hair color, which I think I will keep an ashy blonde/silver of sorts, I still dig it.

I think the purple/pink hair is going to take longer to fade out just by washing my hair, so I'm not sure how long it will be until my next (and probably final) color, I'm guessing at least 5 weeks because I wash my hair once, maybe twice a week depending on how much product buildup I have in my hair. I think I might just go full on red for my final color...I can never get enough of a bright red! I was toying around with a blue and teal combo, but like I said, blue is a bitch to get out of hair and I have a feeling it won't fade out by the time I have to go back to work, otherwise I've done all the colors of the rainbow... red, check. Orange, check. Yellow, check. Green, check (peacock green anyways). Blue, check. Purple, check. Pink, check. 

Any color or colors that you would like to see on me for my grand finale???

Happy hair coloring!


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