October 9, 2015

FabFitFun Unboxing - 2015 Fall Edition

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I'm jumping on the bandwagon y'all! This is my first box from FabFitFun and I love it already. FabFitFun is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box that ships to US and Canada for USD $49.99 each quarter (+ $8 shipping to Canada) and usually has a retail value of over $250.

All the products in the box are full size and range from beauty to fitness and everything else in between! 

Keep on reading after the jump for a more in-depth look at each product and my overall comments.

I LOVE getting stuff in the mail, even if I've paid for it on my own, it's still like getting a present :) This present is a little bit pricier than some of the subscription boxes out there, but there's a nice mix of items to keep you interested, and even if you already have the same item (like an umbrella) you can always gift it out to someone! Did I mention already that it ships to CANADA? I'm always excited when a subscription box ships out to Canada because we rarely get any cool boxes. 

Anyways, the quarterly subscription price is $49.99 USD with free shipping in the US, it's an additional $8 USD to ship out to Canada bringing it to $57.99 USD and then add on the conversion rate...which is ridiculous right now. Thankfully I saved $10 off my first box which helped out a teeny bit, so I'm passing on the love, click here to save $10 off of your first box. Like I said, it's expensive, thank goodness it's only once a quarter! But the box value is set to retail for over $250 and the 2015 Fall box is valued at a whopping $357. 

Enough chit chat, on to the contents of the box!

Passport To BeautyGold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask with Collagen and Rose Oil

2 face masks are included, these are supposed to stimulate circulation, increase enzyme activity (whatever that means!), and soothe skin.

Valued at $65.

Tappan Collective Umbrella

FabFitFun teamed up with Tappan Collective (an online platform for up-and-coming artists) to offer this one-of-a-kind umbrella. LA-based artist Ashkahn Shahparnia designed this.

Valued at $32.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics: Lucky Lip Stain

This 3-in-1 product is a primer, lip gloss, and lip stain in one and it adds moisturizing treatment to your lips to keep them super kissable. 

It is barely scented and is a nice creamy texture, slightly sticky.

Valued at $24.

Doctor D. Schwab: Flawless Skin Fluid

This lightweight moisturizer is perfect under makeup to smooth and visually correct uneven skin tone. All natural ingredients including grape stem cell extract and powerful peptides help to balance and brighten the skin giving it a youthful-looking flawless glow. 

I noticed when this dried it had a lot of gold flecks glittering throughout it, slight scent.

1 oz tube valued at $39.

Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Charm

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month this October, you are showing your support for women in need and helping to join the fight against domestic violence and financial abuse. 

HISY Battery Pack

Stay charged and ready to go wherever you are! This rechargeable device (comes with a USB charger) is a great companion for all of your fall travels. This handy battery pack pairs with iPhone and other devices. Has a full charge time of 2-4 hours.

Valued at $24.99.

Merrithew: Strength Tubing Ankle & Total Body Tone with Tubing: Lower Body & Core DVD

Thighs, glutes, and calves - oh my! This full length workout will tone your lower body and core to get maximum shaping and sculpting results.

Valued at $33.

Tribe Alive: Glass Crystal Bead Bracelet

With hand-cut glass crystals, this sparkling bracelet is sure to amp up your T-shirt and jeans look. Tribe Alive works with artisan partners all over the world to employ impoverished women by providing them with a sustainable income.
*Don't mind my creepy dead hand modelling*

Valued at $49.

Gift card by Jeweler's WifeValued at $15.

Gift card by Picture It On CanvasValued at $75.

Sample of Crest 3D White Brilliance 2-Sep System. Sponsored.

Total Retail Value: $357

Have you guys subbed to this box? What do you think is it worth it?