September 21, 2015

Review: Calla Creative Toddler Pillow

Happy customer!
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My little man...not so little anymore! He's almost 3 and has requested that he have his own pillow for his bed (crib). So I started the hunt for a good quality toddler pillow. 

I received this pillow from Calla Creative to test out, and not only do I give it a big thumbs up...Greyson does too!

Keep on reading after the jump to see why we love this pillow :)

Nowadays, there's so much chemical garbage in the food that we eat, and products that we use on a daily basis...including pillows. Our skin comes into direct contact with pillows on a nightly basis, so if I can find an organic and chemical free pillow for the Grey, why wouldn't I? As long as it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg anyways.

So I had my tester sleep on this pillow for a few weeks, and it was harder than one would think to get him to do so at first...tell toddler to sleep on pillow, done...right? Nope, Greyson loved the thought of his own pillow but I had to bribe him *ahem* coax him to sleep with the pillow for a few nights...and after those few nights he refused to lend the pillow to me to test! How rude! I actually had a full on conversation on why I needed the pillow for one night, after much discussion and debate, he agreed to lend me his pillow for a night so I could test it. I have to say that it's pretty comfortable and I wish they made an adult size! The organic cotton sateen covering was soft against my skin, and had a good amount of "slip" to it so I didn't risk wrinkling up my face (always a bonus!).

But before testing it out myself, I wanted to see how this pillow washed up to my regular wash routine. When the pillow arrived it was a bit flatter than I expected, Greyson used it for a few days and then after I was allowed to test it, I threw it in the washer and dryer with the kid laundry and it came out beautifully fluffy! I didn't follow the wash instructions...because I'm lazy...and possibly ignorant, but I washed the pillow with the organic Egyptian cotton pillowcase on, threw it into the dryer on my regular settings and medium-high heat...and the pillow held up great! The pillow is filled with CallaFill, a hypoallergenic poly-cluster fill which means that it's pre-clustered so it doesn't clump up during washing, and you can tell that their claims on their website are true, the beautifully fluffy pillow says so! *Quick disclaimer* I spoke with Calla Creative and they advised that the reason they recommend no heat when washing is because the heat can cause the micro clusters in the filling to shrink and lose its bounce quicker, so NOT doing it like Doli this time will help to extend the life of your pillow :D

Anyways, Greyson is happy he has a pillow, and I'm happy because I was able to find a safe pillow for him to sleep on. The pillow is pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, and flame retardant chemical free, which means his baby-soft skin is safe laying on it and he can breathe free without any harmful chemicals. It's oddly completely scent-free...or I should say it WAS, until Greyson sat on it and farted on it for fun...toddlers... *rolls eyes*

So do I recommend this pillow? Absolutely! The pillow retails on Amazon for about $36 and the pillow case if about $18, yes, I know that $36 is pricey for a toddler pillow, but it's already $20 for a regular mass produced pillow at WalMart...and I can guarantee you won't be able to throw those pillows into the washer and dryer and have it come out comfy. Calla Creative also guarantees their pillow for 3 years, and they have a 90 day money back guarantee. So if you think about having this pillow for at least 3 years, it really only comes out to $12-18 a year...which is probably what you'll end up spending on a pillow every year for your toddler anyways, why not make it an organic and safe pillow for your little one?

Happy sleeping!