August 17, 2015

My Hair Color: Part 3

red orange yellow ombre hair
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I. Love. My. Hair.

I was a former lover of just all over red, but this gradient takes it to the next level...the level of AWESOME. In my humble opinion anyways ;)

So this is August's color and shall remain that color provided it fades out gracefully. And even if it doesn't...well...we will see. 

Keep on reading after the jump for details on how I stripped out the faded blue and transitioned into this color!

silver blue hair
Faded peacock hair
So here's my faded blue that I carried for all of July.  If you missed the post on that color transition, check it out here

I was starting to get tired of the blue and it wasn't an extremely flattering color for my complexion, so I decided it was time for a change! I couldn't be lazy this time so I actually had to strip out all of my hair color in order to start fresh and have a clean base for the new color. Did you know that blue is the hardest color to remove from hair? I didn't!

In comes One 'N Only Colorfix to the rescue! I purchased it for $15 + tax in Canada at Sally's Beauty and it came with quite a bit of product. I haven't reviewed it but here's a mini works! I mixed equal parts bottle 1 & 2 and applied it all over my hair, put on a shower cap and let it process for approximately 30 minutes. Be warned, this stuff STINKS. It smells like what I imagine rotting eggs to smell like and it stays in your hair for awhile even after you wash it out...and it saturates the air, it's lovely really. 

Just for reference, I had also tried the vitamin C + shampoo cocktail and while it did work, it left my hair feeling REALLY dry compared to the colorfix concoction so I went full force with it (keep in mind I did a color test on a patch of hair to make sure my hair didn't fall out, etc.). I left the mixture to process on my hair (with a plastic shower cap) for 30 minutes and rinsed out, the result was a blonde-ish color with some green undertones.

Result of first color removal

After about 6 hours, the blue pigment started to strangely creep back into my hair resulting in this.
color remover
Voodoo magic!
A second round of color removal was clearly needed. Used the One 'N Only again and it resulted in this.  A much less muddied blonde, but there were still a few places that the color didn't completely remove...yet I decided to go ahead with putting in the color because at this point I was getting impatient!
Hmm, maybe I ought to try going blonde
for a few months, what do you think?

So I wanted a red, orange, yellow gradient in my hair, I was afraid that the yellow wouldn't show up so I added a lot more yellow to be on the safe side, and neglected adding much red. I managed to turn my hair into something that resembled the tropical tie dye fruit rollups! Not cool. The tips also had a bit of remaining green pigment which made my yellow slightly green, also not cool. 

tropical fruit roll up
Did someone call for an amateur colorist!?

I ended up painting on some bleach to the tips and a few spots between the yellow/orange transition because there were some brown bands that I needed to get rid of. I used the Joico Vero K-Pak Creme Lightener with the Wella Koleston 20 vol developer, I also added in Olaplex #1 to dilute the bleach mixture to essentially a 10 vol. My hair is really damaged so I'm using any product (Olaplex, protein treatment, deep conditioners) to try to maintain some of the integrity of my hair! I painted it on dry hair and left it on for about 8 minutes, just until I saw the green pigment disappear and I washed it all off. 

I went through my hair again just using gloves to paint on the color and used Pravana Red, Pravana Orange, and Pravana Neon Yellow. I added in much more red and just a hint of yellow, I think it pulled together quite nicely this time! For those interested, Pravana is a color line for professional use, but I was able to order it online at, you can also try eBay but that site worked out for me :)

So what do you think of the end result? Love it? Hate it? I like this much better than the blue, I feel it brings out my complexion so much more :)

fire ombre hair

fire ombre short hair

Happy hair coloring!


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