August 17, 2015

Hair La Vie Moroccan Repair Serum Review

Hair La Vie Moroccan Repair Serum Review
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My Hair Color: Part 3

red orange yellow ombre hair
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I. Love. My. Hair.

I was a former lover of just all over red, but this gradient takes it to the next level...the level of AWESOME. In my humble opinion anyways ;)

So this is August's color and shall remain that color provided it fades out gracefully. And even if it doesn't...well...we will see. 

Keep on reading after the jump for details on how I stripped out the faded blue and transitioned into this color!

August 4, 2015

Recipe: Shrimp Linguine w/ Lemon Garlic Butter & White Wine Sauce

Ah-may-zing. I feel like I say that about most of the recipes I post on here, but I really only post recipes that I love (and my family loves too), and the second this yumminess hit my palette, I instantly wanted more.

Rich, delicious, yet light (I know, rich and light in the same sentence doesn't make sense) and full of flavour. Garlic, butter, lemon, white can you go wrong with this dish??

My 2.5 year old gobbled this up and it's not a common flavour that most kids would enjoy. Keep on reading after the jump for the recipe!