July 16, 2015

My Hair Color: Part 2

Blue, green, purple pravana, joico hair

Another new hair color already? Yup, if I could, I'd change my hair every 3 weeks, apparently I get bored easily.

The picture here is the day after a freshly applied color, my order from canadabeautysupply.ca came in and I couldn't wait for my blue to fade out so just jumped right in!

Keep on reading after the jump for more pics and details.

The color here is a little washed out because of the lighting, but this was the color I ended up having after I think about 5 washes from my original salon dye job. It was a really nice hue of light blue silver and I was really digging it, I just wanted to touch up my roots as the brown was starting to show through and in some lighting it looked oddly greenish (to me anyways). My intention was to keep it until it faded out to more of a silver color, but seeing as how my Pravana goodies came in...I couldn't resist!

Pravana Chromasilk Vivids colors are for professional use only so the only place you can buy this stuff is on the internet unless you are a licensed professional...which I am clearly not. There is eBay, and I also found Canada Beauty Supply who will sell Pravana to a non-licensed professional, woo hoo! I'd heard about how pigmented and long-lasting their colors were, so I became obsessed in trying it out.

I didn't bother stripping my hair of the current color, mostly because I was too lazy, but also with the colors I had planned on using, the blue base would work just fine. I decided to go peacock style in the end and used 4 different colors, 3 of which you could see, 1 of which my hair was too dark to make it show up.

Below is the old color and then the new color in some different lighting. In the really nice crisp picture (top right) you can't see any purple streaks, and this is because I added those in the next day to get the color to really pop.

I used:
  • Pravana Chromasilk Violet (purple hue)
  • Joico Color Intensity Blue
  • Joico Color Intensity Green (gorgeous peacock green color)
  • Pravan Chromasilk Neon Blue

So I've washed my hair 4 times since the initial application and the color has only faded a bit, there's barely any color bleeding which is surprising, I hardly diluted the colors so I'm quite pleased...although I'm getting antsy and want to do another color but waiting for the colors to fade!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading the second edition of my hair color journey :)

Happy hair coloring!


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