June 17, 2015

My Hair Color Evolution

Ya...probably not a post a lot of people care about but I betcha there is one hair color enthusiast out there that is right on board! So long story short, I had short hair, grew it out with DIY extensions, then when I had my first kiddo I chopped all my hair off for the traditional "mom haircut" and have loved it ever since! It's such a great cut for those who still want to look polished, but can't spend 30 minutes just on their hair, I have an asymmetrical bob, or a-line bob and it literally takes 5 minutes to do in the morning and it looks good...seriously, I've had so many compliments on my hair I'm totally just used to looking good now ;p 

I'm now on mat leave for my second child and while I was planning to jump on the trend wagon and go silver...it hit me, while I'm on mat leave it will be the last time I will get to experiment with my hair color until I retire because I work in a very corporate environment, and I'm pretty certain blue and pink hair would not be well received by our president! So I have to take advantage and dye my hair all the colors that I'd always thought about but was never able to do. I follow Guy Tang and Vividartistichairdesign on Instagram and the color melts they do make me drool. So this year is my chance to bring on the funk :)

So this post will kick off the initial color change and as I go along, I'll link up the posts for those who are actually interested in following my color journey :) 

Click the jump to see my transition into blue hair!

As  you can see from the photo below, my hair color progression has been:
  • Natural black hair with  pop of red
  • Box dye color turned a warm brown/orange
  • Professional color, ash brown tones with balayage of blonde
  • Grey/silver balayage

Fast forward to some time more recently and here's how my hair color has progressed.
  • Silver hair warmed up with more brown tones
  • I purple shampoo'd the crap out of my hair and the result was a light grey with cool blue tones
  • Deep/bright cobalt blue
  • Current result is two washes and a nice blue/silver tone
So I wasn't in love with my blue hair, but basically what happened is I went in to get my grey hair lightened even more to a white/silver, but my hair chemistry changed after having my daughter and my hair is super resistant to being bleached now, my hair got damaged and to cover up the damage I had to go darker...so that's how I ended up with blue! I wasn't in love with the color because it was so dark and I wasn't ready to give up my silver, but now that the blue has faded out to a silvery tone, I'm diggin' it. 

Once my blue lightens up even more I may attempt to do some DIY color melts with blue, green and/or purple. My next hair post ought to be that update!

Looking back at my pics, do you think I should rock the bangs or let them grow out to one length similar to what I have now???

Happy hair coloring!


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