June 29, 2015

Cambria's Nursery Tour

Click image to be redirected to the video tour on YouTube

Such a wee room but it's nicer than mine! At the time of finishing Cambria's room, she is 2.5 months old. Since we were in the midst of moving houses while she was born, I didn't have the luxury of setting up the nursery ahead of time like I did for Greyson...which also meant I didn't have time to make any customized mobiles or items for her room :( Subsequent children after the first always get the short end of the stick right?

Keep on reading after the jump to see more details on the nursery as well as see a video of the entire room contents! Exciting no??

I feel like this room is so much smaller than Greyson's room in our old house, yet I think they are about the same square footage...go figure. Anyways, here's a quick and dirty version of everything in Cammy's room. To see a video tour, click the image above.

  • The walls were painted with Behr's Marquee paint in the color Magnet. Check out my review on this paint here. I absolutely love this color, it's not too dark but adds a really nice contrast against the white furniture in the room.

  • Cherry blossom wall decal: Pop Decors

  • 3D butterflies: Wish

  • The white side table is from IKEA, but I can't seem to find the link for that model.

  • Crib was a 4-in-1 purchased on Kijiji, the actual model is no longer in production so I won't link it.
    • Inside the crib is an Ubimed Lifenest, I was using the Mimos Baby Pillow, but my back is a little weak right now so the Ubimed Lifenest helps to elevate Cambria so I don't have to bend down as far to pick her up.

    • The birth announcement pillow is from Inspired by Ju, these are absolutely stunning, especially compared to some of the other pillows out there. If you happen to buy one from her, tell her Doli sent you!
  • Grey chevron change table cover: Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Drawer dividers: Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Pop-up wipe dispenser: Toys R Us
  • Ubbi diaper pail

Happy nursery decorating!