February 22, 2015

Vegan Cuts Monthly Subscription Box - Unboxing

Well hello delicious treats! Where have you been all my life? I've heard of monthly subscription boxes for beauty, health, mom and baby products, but never for snacks, especially vegan snacks!

This is a brilliant idea, not only do you get to try a variety of delicious and good-for-you snacks, but it delivers directly to your door. There's no need for umming and aahing over what to try in stores, the guesswork is taken out and all you need to do is hand over some cash, and shovel the treats into your mouth :)

Vegan Cuts is a monthly subscription snack box that costs $19.95 USD/month + shipping (free to the US, additional fee everywhere else).  You will receive 7-10 products that are healthy, and mostly gluten-free.

What was in July's snack box? Keep on reading!

Nature's Bakery Fig Bar: Whole Wheat Peach Apricot

Wholesome fig bar to help fuel your busy, active lifestyle. Cholesterol free, dairy free, 0g trans fat, kosher, non GMO, 100% natural.

First thoughts: I used to hate fig bars, mind you the only ones I`ve previously tried were those fig newton bars. Awful. I was also probably under 10 years old. Needless to say I was slightly hesitant to try this fig bar, but it`s surprisingly tasty. The peach apricot taste definitely stands out and you can feel the whole wheat in the texture as you chew. This comes 2 small square bars to a pack and is also surprisingly filling.

Husband`s first thoughts: They`re ok...tastes `figgy`.

Viana: Veggie Snack Sausage: Mild Jumbo
Organic, protein-rich sausage sticks that are hearty, filling, and delicious. 100% vegan, 0% cholesterol, 13g of protein per serving, USDA organic

Ingredients: tofu (soybeans, water, nigari), water, wheat protein, sunflower oil, red bell pepper, tomato paste, sea salt, spices, red bell pepper flakes, raw cane sugar, onions, celeriac, herbs, garlic, locust bean gum, almond flour.

First thoughts: Strange texture, not `chewy`like a regular pepperoni stick, feels almost bouncy and fluffy in comparison. Overall taste, it tastes like a mild sausage and slightly salty. If you`re looking for a vegan sausage, this would probably be a good one, but if you`re looking to find a sausage snack that`s hearty and meaty...I would skip this. I wouldn`t run out and purchase this myself, but if someone gave me one to eat, I`d definitely eat it again.

Husband`s first thoughts: Gross. Enough said. Keep in mind DH is a full on meatatarian.

Eat Green Tea: Edible Green Tea
Whole tea leaves with 10,000x more antioxidants than brewed tea. This bag contains the same antioxidants found in 30 cups of brewed tea. 

First thoughts: Wow, bitter. No wonder the package suggests sprinkling this on top of anything you eat rather than eating it raw directly, by itself! Even though I'm writing this, I'm currently eating little bits of it raw because I have no other food around me lol.

Husband`s first thoughts: Didn't seem to mind as I sprinkled this over some popcorn...he didn't even know what he ate ;)

Snapea Crisps: Baked Green Pea Crisps 
Super crunchy, high-fiber, savory snacks made from green peas. 40% less fat, good source of fibre, low sodium, 100 calories per pack.

First thoughts: Yup, delicious. I find it odd with the texture that these peas have in comparison to raw peas, they look fuzzy and kind of like fibreglass, but much tastier! They have a nice light crisp and almost dissolve in your mouth, they have a light nutty taste too.

Husband`s first thoughts: After giving me a strange face, he admitted that they weren't "too bad", but probably not something he would try again.

Food Should Taste Good: Multigrain Tortilla Chips
Multigrain tortilla chips with nutritious flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds. Made with Brown rice, flax, sesame and sunflower seeds, and quinoa. Gluten free.

First thoughts: Yum! These really don't even taste like "healthy" chips, they taste exactly like regular tortilla chips but with a whole bunch of healthy seeds and whatnot baked in. 

Husband`s first thoughts: "Yeah cool". If I bought these again instead of regular tortilla chips, he would totally chow down :)

Cousin Mary Jane: Toasted Hemp Seeds w/ Sea Salt
Toasted hemp seeds are perfect for munching or sprinkling all over your favorite foods. Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, peanut free, non-GMO.

First thoughts: Yeah, these are addicting! Who knew teeny little seeds could be so good? They have a great little crunch to them and are lightly salted helping to curb that salty fix in a good way. I could probably eat several packets in one sitting. The outer shell is the crunchy part and once chewed, a little fibre-y feeling...if that makes any sense?

Husband`s first thoughts: They're good. 

Seaweed Love: All Natural Roasted Seaweed
Low-calorie roasted seaweed snacks containing essential vitamins and minerals. Roasted to perfection with sesame oil, and a touch of sea salt.

First thoughts: Loves me some roasted seaweed! Nice light crisp and a touch of salt, only con about this is the package is far too small ;) If you don't like seaweed then this snack is not for you, however if you do like seaweed, this will be right up your alley!

Husband`s first thoughts: I didn't even give these to DH to try as he turns his nose up whenever I bring home seaweed snacks. I can tell you right now he would not enjoy them!

Macrolife Naturals: Macro Greens Nutrient Rich Superfood Bar, Chocolate-Cinnamon
Macrogreens cinnamon chocolate bars are fortified with organic superfoods and probiotics. Fruits + veggies + protein. Anti-oxident, probiotics, raw, gluten-free, organic.

First thoughts: Um...weird. You can taste some dark chocolate, I couldn't detect any cinnamon. The texture of this bar was truly off-putting, it wasn't chewy, nor crunchy...best I can describe the texture as was 'silty'...like really fine grain sand compressed into a bar. I wasn't impressed with this bar for the first few bites, but then after putting it away and craving a good snack, I went back and demolished the rest of the bar! I found myself enjoying the taste of this more with every bite, I would probably pick up this bar again to snack on, a little weird at first, but surprisingly tasty once you get used to the texture.

Husband`s first thoughts: I believe DH scrunched his face and wanted to spit this out. I don't think that he could put together words to describe his disappointment in this bar!

Smooze Fruit Ice: Coconut Mango
A frosty treat made from coconut milk and fruit - just shake, freeze, thaw and slurp! 100% natural ingredients with fresh coconut milk, rich in vitamin C, no cholesterol, no trans fat, no preservatives, dairy free, gluten free.

First thoughts: If I tell you that I demolished this snack in under a minute would you get the point? If you're a fan of that creamy, coconut milk taste, you'll love this! This snack was far too small in my opinion. Creamy, coconutty, mango-y, what's not to love!?

Husband`s first thoughts: Yuck, coconut.

Funky Monkey: Jivealime Freeze-Dried Fruit
Jivealime chips are made with freeze-dried pineapple and lime juice, that's it! 100% real fruit, 100% fat free, no sugar added, gluten free, 1 serving of fruit in this bag, all natural, vegan, raw food.

First thoughts: OH EM GEE. These are freaking tasty! They have an insane crunch for freeze-dried fruit, super tasty and super addicting. This would either curb your craving for sweet and crispy, or leave you with wanting more! I could eat a bag 10x larger than this in one sitting and still not be satisfied (does this tell you something about my sweet tooth?). Definitely looking into buying the whole line to snack on. Trust me when I say you will LOVE these!

Husband`s first thoughts: Even the most skeptical of the skeptics, DH loved these! 

Overall thoughts on Vegan Cuts Snack Box:
Yup, I love this box. Such a great variety in healthy snacking and all of it (or most of it) is tasty. I chowed down and finished all the snacks in the course of 2 days, would have been 1 day if I had less willpower ;) I thoroughly enjoyed all of the snacks and have found some favorites that I'm trying to purchase.

The customer service is top-notch, and best of all, they send you a tracking number when your box is shipped out so you can sleep easily knowing exactly when your snack box will be arriving!

The only setback that I can think of is buying more of each product if you don't live in the US. I live in Canada and I want to buy a truck load of the Funky Monkey snacks but I can't seem to find a place in Canada that sells them with reasonable shipping. That's where the kicker is...shipping! Definitely fun to try out a wide variety of healthy snacks, the only problem is getting more them without it costing an arm and a leg ;)

If you're looking for healthy snacking alternatives and not sure where to start, I would definitely suggest subscribing to Vegan cuts to help satisfy your snacking cravings.

Click on the video to below to watch my Vegan Cuts July unboxing.

Happy snacking!