February 22, 2015

Updating My Wee Craft Room: Part 1

This room. The bane of my existence...and my husband's as well! This wee little area is currently my office as well as a landing area for any item that does not belong somewhere else. It's not usually this messy, I forgot to take a 'before' picture before I started overhauling the room so this is more of a 'during' (I swear!).

So all was well in office land when I was using it for just that, hubby and I own a small bath and body business so this area contains everything Delish. All my craft items were stored in one of our spare rooms...fast forward to some months later and that spare room is now the nursery aka Greyson's room. So all of my craft items were displaced to hubby's office and randomly strewn about. Not only did this drive hubby crazy, it drove me crazy! And when you have two crazies in the house...needless to say something had to be done!

My original thought was to overtake *ahem* share hubby's office space and split it into my craft/sewing/home improvement storage room since it's the size of a regular bedroom, but with plans on having a second child a few years from now, it just didn't seem logical to overhaul hubby's office only to relocate everything into another space when baby #2 arrives. Our basement is not currently developed either so the only spot I had left to move all my crap craft items was the wee "office" space on the main level as you walk in the door. 

Most houses have a dedicated office room as you walk in the door, a place nice and spacious with windows overlooking the front door so you can look up from your office desk and greet guests as they arrive through the door...well apparently Excel homes forgot about this detail and squeezed in some small, awkward space that isn't useful for much. Thanks Excel.

Nevertheless, a space is a space and I'm up for the challenge...I think. My plan is to turn this office space into my official craft/office/sewing/utility/home improvement/hardware room! Good luck? Why thank you! I spent hours on Google trying to come up with a configuration for the room that really sparkled but also was functional, while there are some great ideas out there, none of them needed to house so much stuff and still look nice in such a small space, and there's my first challenge. Designing a space that's functional and looks good. I decided that an open display concept was not going to work since all my items are a mishmash of things and different themes, all of my 'stuff' has to be hidden in order to make the room look clean (it's literally the first thing you see as you walk through the door).

I recently came across this posting, and would kill to have this replicated in my wee office, but with the amount of stuff I need to store (fimo clay, fimo tools, ribbons, beads, spray paint, gloss, sewing kits, binders, craft paint, nail polish, scrapbook paper/accessories, stationery, paper, laminator, printer, shredder, craft bags, labels, receipts, filing, and the list goes on) it's just not practical for me! And room for a pin board? Forget it.

So I settled on hanging wall cabinets with some sort of desk area + my current sewing desk. 

Step 1 - haul down sewing desk and insert into room. Check. Done.

So you can see the room is already less cluttered and it helps that my sewing table has some storage in it. If you're wondering if there is more room off to the right of the picture...there's not, the rest is just sewing table and 2 small squared windows above. Wee room. Teeny.

So...on to the design of the room. I have this handy tool called Google Sketchup and it's wonderful!  It's a free 3D design tool in which you can design almost anything, up to and including full house tours! The great thing about this too is that you can draw everything to scale, this is how I designed the nursery in the first place, and you can move furniture around, and put wallpaper up and...well the list goes on, it's an amazing tool that I wouldn't be able to live without. I've even used it to design my backyard!
Can I get a 'what what!'

Anyways, here's a snapshot of the planned design. You can see a Bird's eye view the windows, my sewing table with it's leaf extension out, and the cabinet configuration that would be ideal in my mind. 3 x 24" double-door cabinets with a 24" corner unit, maximizing the vertical space. I had a few other storage units already in the house that I was trying to incorporate into the space...see that tall unit? Ikea bookcase...it sadly has no place in that room, anyone need a white Billy bookcase?

Hello mini kitchen!
I priced out the units at Rona since they were having a "sale" on in-stock cabinets...$686, and that's not including taxes! *gulp* I had a price in my mind that I didn't want to spend over $500 to update my craft room and that blows my budget out of the water! I still need to find base units or a desk to go below the cabinets! I just can't fork out that much on cabinets!!! For a craft room!

Next up, Home Depot's cabinet sale, $99 for each unit, so that would be about $400...*gulp*, less gulpy than Rona's prices, but nonetheless still expensive. Only issues is that Home Depot doesn't sell the corner unit, nor 24" cabinets, only 30". *face palm* Back to the drawing board (literally).

I've decided to stalk Kijiji every 10 minutes to see if I can come up with any cabinets on the cheap, I don't care what color or style, just matching pieces that I can work into my wee room. Hell I'll even attempt to paint them! Oh did I tell you? I've decided on white and blue colors for my craft room (thank goodness the walls are already painted blue), definitely doesn't match the rest of the house but it's my room to do with what I please *queue evil laughter*

The searching continues...next update will be when I find some cabinets! Wish me luck!


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