February 22, 2015

Space Saving Vacuum Bags Comparisons & Review

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If you've been wondering if vacuum bags work and what the best bag is...well you've come to the right place! I've taken the leg work out of testing out most of the major brands in a head-to-head competition so I'm saving you time and money...you're welcome! 

This is just a really quick blog review as I've been trying to get this review up literally for months, I filmed and edited months ago but I wanted to create a corresponding blog post..which always takes me a long time. Anyways, be sure to watch the entire video for a better overview.

On to the comparison! Here's my quickie thoughts:

  • Whitmore bags: I bought these off of Amazon based on the very high reviews on there...I think these were the most expensive brand and also the largest size bags. These worked for about 1.5 weeks before I saw the bag start to inflate with air again...not cool!
  • Storage Solutions (brand by Home Outfitters): AWFUL. Do not buy! Do not even look at these! These were cheaper than the Whitmore bags but literally inflated with air in under 24 hours.
  • Ziploc Space Bags: this brand made my top 3, I tested this for about 2 weeks and saw a little bit of air inflate after this time. $15 for 3 bags was not bad...but any air after sucking it all out is not cool.
  • Mainstay (Walmart brand): These were about $10 for 3 bags (various sizes) so cheaper than all the options above, this was my second favorite brand. These didn't inflate at all after a 2 week trial and were quite cost effective.
  • Dollar store brand: The cheapest solution by far coming in at a whopping $1.25 a bag.. but did it work? YES! And how! I've actually had all my stuff stored in these bags for over 2 months and they look the same as they did the first day I sucked out all that air. Shocking I know. But totally awesome at the same time. 
Have I mentioned how awesome the dollar store is?? I got all of my bags at Dollarama and the large size is the exact same as the large size in the Ziploc Space Bags. I only found a large and extra large at the dollar store, but they suit my purposes just fine :)

So hope that helped you out a bit and saved you some money.

Happy vacuum sealing!