February 22, 2015

Review: Ubimed Lifenest

A what? Lifenest you say? You got it! You probably haven't heard of this sleeping system as it's not widely advertised and it doesn't actually look like you can buy it from many retailers...when I was looking to buy this there was only one place in Canada you could purchase it from. Anyways, more on that later, but I'm doing this review for those of you who are very cautious new parents and looking for some peace of mind when your baby sleeps in their crib.

This nest system is primarily designed to help prevent Plagiocephaly aka Flat Head Syndrome, but this also helps to promote the "back is best" philosophy and helps you worry less about SIDS. In a nutshell, this nest is designed for your baby's comfort and the parents' peace of mind.

I'm not going into a full-depth review as I'll probably be re-iterating what I've already mentioned in the video, and I think I did a pretty decent job at talking about everything you would want to know about this system! But here's a quick overview.

  • Prevents Flat Head Syndrome
  • Promotes the "back is best" philosophy
  • Prevents accidental suffocation if baby flips over on tummy
  • Vented channels to provide unrestricted air flow to reduce sweating and overheating 
  • Slight incline can help to reduce acid reflux in babies
  • Pricey
  • Baby can slide to the bottom of the nest (due to material and "kicky-ness")
Ok, so is this nest system necessary? Absolutely not, but it definitely helped give my husband and I (well, mostly my husband!) peace of mind, I personally liked it because it felt like it would be more comfortable for little baby to sleep in...yes this sounds ridiculous, but baby is so tiny in his giant crib and doesn't get a pillow or a blanket! If my son could talk, he would have thanked me ;)

So, I first came across this item in one of the parenting magazines I'd read, I clipped it out to remind me as I wasn't even pregnant at the time! After many hours of research, I decided to purchase the Lifenest, but of course, the website would only ship to the US, go figure! Now where else could you purchase this if not online? Well they had a few retailers in Canada that sold the Lifenest, and oddly enough they were all located in Quebec, I called all the stores in Quebec but they were discontinuing this in their stores. Buying this nest in Canada was next to impossible, I was lucky enough to find this at toyrus.com and pay for ridiculous shipping charges to Canada, but if you're in Canada and want one of these...good luck! However after baby #2 in a few years I will be selling mine :D

Anyways, this nest retails for approximately $150 and comes with one removable cover, you can buy additional covers for approximately $40 but I don't think that it's necessary unless your baby is prone to spitting up anything and everything. On the odd occasion where Greyson spit up it was an easy clean wiping up the mesh netting with a damp cloth. 

Ahhh I can't concentrate on finishing the write-up for this blog entry, my apologies as I like to have all the information available in my post as well as in my video, all I can say is...watch the video below and if you have any other questions that I didn't cover, let me know :)

Happy sleeping! For your babies I mean...safely...you know what I mean?