February 22, 2015

Review: Timi & Leslie Abby Diaper Bag

Wait what? That's a diaper bag? Looks like a beautiful leather purse don't it? Yeah, that's MY diaper bag :D

If you're looking for an in-depth review of the Timi & Leslie Abby diaper bag, you've found it! Probably more in-depth than you would care to read about, but you know me and my reviews, they can go on forever!

I'll cover the basics, the extras, and heck, I'll even show you what it looks like on the body. Still interested? Well keep on reading!

You want my diaper bag, I know. Don't worry, I was there once before. I'm lucky to have my baby in a day and age where functionality also meets fashion...and it does come at a price, but you've got to splurge on something for yourself after you've had a baby...for heaven sakes you just grew a tiny human being inside you and birthed that sucker, that is no small feat! 

Anyways, I actually started off coveting the JuJuBe BFF bag because it spoke out to my obsessive need to organize everything that I own. I did like this bag because it was rigid and easy to organize things, but the bag was too boxy and stiff when I actually carried it, and I wanted something that looked more like a handbag than a diaper bag. Nothing else caught my eye until one day, I saw this beautiful blue bag hanging in the front of all the other diaper bags, it called my name and I swear it winked at me. I had to have it.

This was the perfect diaper bag for me. Functional, fancy, fierce. But seriously, just the looks of the bag made it look luxury and it felt oh so soft. And it's blue?? Yeah, I'm sold. Plus, it's totally on trend right now, not that I consider myself trendy...I digress.

The outside of the bag is PVC faux pebble leather and easy to wipe clean. Now not only does this bag look good, it also comes standard with a whole bunch of useful accessories. Ignore the ugly layout of the collage below, but do look at all the lovely accessories! It comes with a lovely mommy clutch, padded change pad with a mesh slot for your wipes, a dirty clothing sack (mouse place on it for size reference), insulated bottle holder, cross-body bag strap, and stroller hooks. If you were to buy these all separately, it would cost anywhere between $50-100. And these are all color coordinated to match the bag!

Let's talk pockets. I don't have any inside pics of the pockets, simply because I was too lazy to empty out my entire diaper bag only to have to re-stuff it, but it fits a lot of stuff. The inside lining of the bag is also water resistant and a light tan color so it's easy to see what exactly you have in your bag.

Outside of the bag:
  • Two side pockets with an additional zipper pocket on each
  • One front 'mommy' pocket with a magnetic flap enclosure, this flap also has a zipper enclosure for additional flat items
  • One pocket on the back, zipper enclosed
Inside of the bag:
  • One large back pocket with a elastic snap to close, also a zipper compartment at back of pocket
  • Two elastic pockets on either side of the bag
  • Two large front elastic pockets

Next on the list, durability. I've had this bag for approximately 5 months and it's doing quite well, I'm not very gentle with this bag, I literally throw it on my shoulder and throw it in the car and throw it on the ground when I get home. You'd think with a nice bag like this I'd be more gentle with...you'd think that, but you'd be wrong. I do notice that with handling the handles so often, the Ocean Blue color is starting to fade, again, no pics because it's dark and I'm lazy, check out the video below for a quick peek at the fading.

There are also a few spots where the seams have frayed, the stitching hasn't completely unstitched itself, but the fraying bothers me a bit, I think a dab or two of super glue ought to help keep everything in place and prevent further fraying.

There's a few other things I've spoken to in the video that I won't go into detail here, but the long short of it is

  • I'd like to see a harder base for the bag and feet on the bottom to keep it off the ground
  • Would be great if there was an add-on or included shoulder pad to wrap around a portion of the straps, not only to keep it on your shoulder, but also to protect the integrity of the handles
  • New stroller strap design, one that can stay on your stroller as the ones included have to be taken off and stored every time, which doesn't seem like a big deal but it irritated me every time. I now use the JuJuBe stroller straps. Check out the video, love!
If you want to see what it looks like on the body, check out the video somewhere in the middle and you'll see me carrying it on the shoulders as well as cross-body like a messenger bag.

That's the review! Long I know! But if you know me, there's no such thing as a short review, not my style ;) 

Do you have this bag? Do you love it?

Happy...diaper bag wearing??