February 22, 2015

Review: Pink Lemonade Mama Cloth

I. Found. Heaven...in a menstrual pad. Whaaat? Yeah I know I'm weird, I'm completely aware of that! So remember how I was completely in love with my Lunapads? Eff that, I'm totally over those. 

Move over Lunapads and make way for my new love affair, Pink Lemonade! Sounds delicious no? Not quite delicious, more like luxuuuuuurious mmm.

There aren't many choices for mama cloth in Calgary, in fact I think the only option are Lunapads, so at the time I was was in need of mama cloth I was thrilled to peaches that I found any mama cloth in Calgary (this city seems to be behind in the times!). Fast forward to a few months later and I've found literally hundreds of options on the internet. 

As always, I spent hours searching on the internet trying to find what the most highly rated products are and it appears that Pink Lemonade is a clear winner for mama cloth. I understand why and I'm a believer! 

Why I love Pink Lemonade:
  • Quality is top-notch, these do not look homemade at all.
  • Comfort is also top-notch! I have all minky topped pads and these are the ultimate in comfort. Super soft and flexible.
  • Folds up into a teeny discreet square.
  • Discreet and come in multiple sizes.
  • Cutest prints alive!
  • I'm supporting a WAHM instead of a big corporation.
I can't begin to express my love for these little pads and again, I know it's weird but once you try them you will instantly understand.

To check out my stash and a full review, watch the video below.