February 22, 2015

Review: Nursing Pads Review

Well this entry is pretty straight-forward, my review on disposable nursing pads! I say disposable because I've been using cloth for everything else and I did't want you to get any ideas that I was only reviewing cloth nursing pads!

I'm doing a quickie review on the Johnson's  nursing padsMedela nursing pads, and Lansinoh nursing pads. These seem to be the top 3 pads that people debate between and wonder which one is the best.

So first off, I received a few samples of nursing pads in my Toys R Us goodie bag when I registered with them. Lansinoh, Medela, and Avent. I tried them out when I first started needing nursing pads but didn't really think anything of the ones I had since I didn't really know what I was looking for in a nursing pad. When I actually started needing NPs (let's use this abbreviation for nursing pads since I'm sure I'll be saying that a lot in this post), I wandered the halls of Toys R Us and picked up a box of Johnson's...because they looked fairly comfortable and they were also on sale! After trying them out I liked them, they were soft, contoured, and there was a fun little cut out for my nipple (which worked well to hug the nipple-y curves until it got wet). I did notice that my nipple would stick to the pad every single time I went to pull down my shirt to nurse...as a new mom, let me tell you that this was not pleasant! And yet I bought a second box lol.

Halfway through the box and after countless sticky-nipple-peel-offs, I thought there had to be a better brand out there and on my little quest I went. Hours of research on the internet, back and forth debates between Medela and Lansinoh...heaven forbid I should shell out $10/box and try them out for myself ;) And that's what I ended up doing in the end so I could find my favorite NP and share it with you fine folks!

The results are outlined below in a fun and fancy picture that I created all by myself :D 

Which is the best choice for you? Only one way to find out! I would highly recommend the Lansinoh NPs as those are by far my favorite. As I was doing this review on each of the pads, I couldn't actually wait to finish off the box of Medelas so I could get back to wearing my Lansinohs.

In this little quest I also picked up a few cotton/bamboo NP as a nice reusable option (since I'm already doing cloth diapers for baby and using mama cloth myself) but I actually haven't worn these since. I originally purchased them to wear at night time to let my boobies breathe but alas, they stuck even worse than the Johnson NPs and absorb at least 4 times less than the other pads. In fact, they currently sit atop the change table to wipe up any water spots from my wipe warmer...judge me later, the use of the wipes warmer is different from the reason you think I bought it for!

As usual, below is the corresponding video to this blog post...I filmed it back when I was still postpartum chubby and it is AWFUL. I mean...AWFUL, don't even watch it because it will probably make you angry, but I will post it anyways. My apologies.

Happy nursing!