February 22, 2015

Review: MelodySusie Super Mini 6W LED Gel Nail Polish Dryer

Click here to watch the video review/demo!
What is this contraption you ask? Read the title ;) For those of you unfamiliar with gel nail polish, this little unit is not your conventional nail dryer that blows out air onto your manicure, this fun unit is far more advanced!

It "dries" your gel nail polish by using LED UV lights that cure and harden your gel nail polish leaving you with a protected, glossy top coat.

I'm a big dumb dumb and forgot to take pictures of my nail 'before and after' so there's no more info after the jump :( I'm a big fan of using this unit in conjunction with a gel nail polish top coat and it's helped my nail art to last for over 3 weeks without fading and using an occasional touch-up (by simply applying another gel topcoat and curing).

I would totally recommend this unit to anyone looking for a cute, and small nail polish dryer. It's compact...and it works!