February 22, 2015

Review: MelodySusie 32 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set

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Let's talk makeup brushes people! Excuse the special duck face next to this brush set, it does not come with these brushes so don't be put off buying these ;)

Let's get this little disclaimer out of the way shall we? I was provided this brush set by MelodySusie for review, however these are my own honest opinions. I'm not being paid to review this (I wish!).

I've used this brush set for about a month in order to provide you with an informed review, wanna know more? Keep on reading after the jump!

Yup, that's a lot of brushes! 32 to be exact. If you're just a regular makeup user or just starting to get into makeup, I think 32 brushes is a little bit excessive...if you're a professional makeup artist I can understand, but 32, my goodness!

This brush set costs $15 and it includes 32 brushes, a nice roll up faux leather case + little plastic brush protectors sleeves on each brush.

So, as I mentioned, I've been using this brush set for the last month or so and been doing full faces of makeup (or almost full faces) ...this includes concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eyebrows, eyelids, and eyeliner. I used the majority of the brushes in this set, some I chose not to use because the eye shadow brushes were quite similar, just different sizes, and I don't use that many colors on my lids so I really only needed 4 or 5. With that said, here's my review!

So the brushes below, these are all the fluffier face brushes, I used these with my foundation powder to lightly dust on and set, and I used the smaller brushes to apply my blush. With all of these, I found the bristles to be quite coarse, and less dense and fluffy than my regular set of makeup brushes (by Sigma Beauty). I actually cringed a little bit every time I had to dust on my foundation because these just did not feel good on my face, they were rough and a little scratchy. Now remember, I'm practically comparing the quality of these brushes to my $150 set of Sigma brushes...unfair comparison but it's all I have to go off of! 

Fluffy face brushes

For the brushes below, you can tell I made good use of them...that and I was also too lazy to clean my brushes before writing this review :D The largest brush on the right would be comparable to a flat foundation brush, however this brush was quite thin and small in comparison so it took more time to blend out my liquid foundation with this brush.

The remainder of brushes in this picture are flat and "harder" bristled, by harder I mean that they are fluffy brushes meant for blending, these are used more for patting on product rather than blending. One of them I used to pat on my concealer and gently brush to blend, this worked pretty well and happy to say that it's become part of my regular brush set. Other than my concealer brush, the rest I used with my eye shadow bases or primers to pat on my eyelid, the flat brushes are great for picking up color and packing it on.

Foundation brush + larger flat brushes

Um...well these were the brushes I ended up not using because they were so similar to the ones above. You could probably use one of them as a nice lip liner brush and another to apply the lip color? :)
Mid to smaller flat brushes

You can't tell by the picture, but the far right brushes are round, they are slightly fluffier than the rest of the brushes. I used these for deepening the crease of my eye and some slight blending of colors in the crease, I tried to use them for softly blending my crease colors and fading them to the brow, but unfortunately they were too stiff and dense.

I used the smaller angle brush with gel eyeliner and it worked perfect! This is a new staple to my regular set of brushes, I used the longer angle brush to deposit powder on my brows and this also worked very well. The last skinny brush on the far left I didn't use, I suppose you could use it to line your eyes but it's a little bit long and flimsy for my tastes, I need something a bit more stiff to get a nice crisp line.
Round shading brushes + angled eyeliner brushes
I can't speak to the brushes below because I never ended up using them. These ones are pretty standard in any multi-brush set so can't go wrong with those!

Foam eyeshadow applicators + lash & brow grooming + fan brush

As for the actual quality of the brushes themselves, I wouldn't say they are top-notch professional, but they are decent quality, especially for $15! They are comparable with those brush sets you would buy at a drugstore.

  • Affordable
  • Wide variety of brushes to experiment with for new users
  • Comes with a brush pouch to protect your brushes

  • Some bristles are coarse
  • No  'fluffy' brushes included for blending eye shadow

Overall this brush set is not bad, I would have to disagree with the title that they are labelled with a "professional makeup brush set" as this is not something I would buy myself for every day use, or professional use...if I was a professional! But if you're just starting out in makeup or need a bunch of flat, dense brushes...this set is for you ;)

Happy brushing-on-makeup!