February 22, 2015

Review: Lunapads - Cloth Menstrual Pads

I know what you're thinking...cloth menstrual pads? Gross. Yeah don't worry, I thought the same thing at one point, but I became a believer during post partum!

So in addition to my actual review of these pads,  I'd like to share my reason for 'why cloth?' I had actually bought some mama cloth (the coined term for cloth menstrual pads) quite a few years ago when I first heard of this and tried them out for one menstrual cycle...when I first put them in my underwear and tried them out...heaven, it was like puffy soft clouds hugging my lady bits!

In comparison to wearing regular disposable pads, it was like night and day, I totally understood why people would choose to wear these soft pads instead of scratchy plastic paper. Fast forward to 2 weeks post partum and I'm never turning back to disposable pads! As I mentioned in my birth story post, I had a 3rd degree tear which was not pleasant at all, for the first week and a half I almost cried every time I sat down, lay down, or stood up and to top it off, the stupid scratchy disposable pads were rubbing my lady bits the wrong way and irritating my healing process! >:| I started to look at every option possible to minimize the pain and discomfort I was feeling and mama cloth was at the top of my list. I ended up purchasing a few Lunapad maxi pads and one long pad from my local Babes in Arms store. Again, the second that I put these pads on it felt like fuzzy clouds and cotton candy snuggling my bits, love. 

Ok, now on to the review.

I bought each of these pads for approximately $20 (eek I know!), each maxi and each long comes with the pieces shown in the above photo...basically a liner with wings and an insert. The liner's wings wrap around your underwear and snap together with a single snap (two snaps for the long pad). These pads are 2 layer, 100% cotton flannel base topped with an absorbent panel made of 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece, and 1 layer of ultra-thin nylon to minimize soaking through. There are also multiple reasons on 'why cloth' that you can read about on Lunapad's website (health considerations, environmental benefits, cost savings, etc.). 

  • COMFORT is my #1 reason for using mama cloth
  • You are not contributing to the ever increasing amount of landfill waste 
  • Chemical-free option for your lady bits
  • Option to buy extra inserts and choose your absorbency (or make your own!)
  • Expensive upfront cost
  • Potentially inconvenient while travelling or away from home
  • Wings are not waterproof, potential leakage onto underwear/clothing depending on flow
  • No adhesive backing to stick to underwear, pad may shift
  • The little fabric ribbon that holds the inserts doesn't lay flat, some people may be able to feel this on their bits and cause irritation
My thoughts

So my review at the moment is coming from me being on maternity leave and being at home the majority of my days so I don't yet have experience on travelling with mama cloth, but my current experience is very positive! Again, my main reason for using mama cloth is comfort and these pads are super comfortable, I really like the option to choose your absorbency just by inserting extra inserts rather than carrying around different size pads. I also decided to make my own inserts by buying some fleece and doing a quick stitch around with my sewing machine (if you choose to do this you don't even need to use stitching, great thing about fleece is it doesn't fray!). Plus, the cute prints are just plain cute...hey, anything helps to make that time of month or post partum more enjoyable!

Below is a video review for your viewing/listening pleasure :)

Happy menstruating!