February 22, 2015

Review: The Bella Band

Oh BB, I do enjoy your company! Or at least my bloating enjoys your company :)

So here's the lowdown, I'm 5'2 and pre-pregnancy I weighed in at about 98 lbs (I'm Asian...this is quite normal I assure you), I started to bloat like crazy around the 3 month mark...so much so that it was getting near impossible to button up my pants without feeling insanely tight and uncomfortable. My "bandaid" solution until I figured out something better was to get either a hair elastic or a rubberband, tie one end around the pant button, and then loop through the hole and wrap around the button again. Just call me Miss Fashionista! 

Anyways, aside from not being able to button up my pants, my butt was still able to fit in my pants...I just couldn't do them up, it's a bit early, but I suppose I was in that phase in between fitting in my regular pants and trying to fit into maternity clothing. I refused to shell out $$ to buy maternity clothes this early that would still be too loose on me so I had to find better options. Queue the Bella Band to the rescue! Here's how the band works:

"Bella Band is a solid band of fabric, nylon and spandex, that you step into and pull up around your waist. You can use the entire length of fabric, or fold it down for less coverage. You can use it to hold up pants that aren't buttoned or zipped up. It also can hold up maternity clothes that are too loose. Because it's attractive, it can show with no problem. It simply looks like a camisole or t-shirt under your top. It is not designed to be worn alone, but as an addition to your wardrobe."

Simple, right? I know nowadays at tradeshows you can buy those bands of colorful fabric to layer with your shirts so it looks like a camisole, but it's just a band of fabric...same idea but I believe that the Bella Band is thicker and able to hold your unbuttoned pants together more securely.

Anyways, I purchased the original black BB for roughly $40 CDN (apparently there's a new upgraded version with silicone lining so the original style that I have is on sale for $7!) and this has honestly saved me at least a few hundred dollars because I'm able to extend the wear of my regular pants. It's just a spandex tube that fits over your pants and your belly to hold everything together...you could probably make one yourself for a lot less but I'll admit, I'm too lazy. *gasp*

Using the BB, I was able to get away until 20 weeks without buying maternity pants. Now if your butt isn't outgrowing your regular pants at 20 weeks, you can probably use the BB for much longer, my cousin didn't have to switch to her maternity clothes until she was 7 months and used her BB up until that point.

All-in-all, I think the BB is great, not only did I feel that it was comfortable to wear, it saved me money by not investing in maternity pants TOO soon. If you feel that $40 is too much to spend on a tube of stretchy fabric (hey I don't blame you!), check out your local classifieds or maternity consignment stores, I've seen Kijiji sell them for $5-25 dollars...at that price point you can buy more than one color to match your wardrobe!