February 21, 2015

Re-purposed Clorox Wipes Container Turned Grocery Bag Dispenser

upcycle clorox wipes container
Clorox wipes container turned grocery bag dispenser!

Doesn't this container look oddly familiar? As if it was designed to dispense cloth-like cleaning towels? Don't worry, you're not crazy! This cute little grocery bag dispenser has actually been re-purposed from it's original use as a Clorox cleaning cloth dispenser.

Don't thank me, thank Pinterest! I wish I could find the original pin but it has mysteriously vanished...well at least this idea is still floating around so hopefully the original contributer can take solace in that :)

I have a billion grocery bags in my home, yet when we go on road trips and need to throw something out, there isn't a garbage bag in sight! I thought this was a clever way to hold a bunch of spare bags in a pretty and tidy way, and the nice thing is you can customize this in any way you want to match the decor of your home, car, office, etc.

This is an easy project that anyone can take on and it only took me a few hours to make (this includes drying time which is really the bulk of the project).

Skill level: Easy
Time needed: Approximately 1.5 hours (15 minutes actually active) 

Supplies you will need:
  • An empty Clorox wipes container (I opted for the small blue one)
  • Mod Podge (I used glossy, you can use whatever finish you like)
    • Or homemade, equal parts white Elmer's glue and water
  • Paint brush or small foam brush
  • Piece of fabric or scrapbooking paper (I used paper)
  • Spare grocery bags
Let's get started!
1. Remove the outside label on your container and clean out the inside getting rid of any trace smell of chemicals or these will linger on your plastic bags. After everything is clean and dry, take your piece of fabric or scrapbook paper (I used scrapbook paper because Michaels is closer to my house and after 2 weeks of trying to make it out to the fabric store...it just didn't happen!) and measure around the container for a perfect fit, trim as necessary.

2. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge around the entire container (or you can apply as you go around the container instead - less mess this way!), place an edge of your fabric/paper (I placed mine starting on the glued portion of the container that I could not remove) on the container and press to the Mod Podge as you wrap around, make sure you've left enough fabric/paper to overlap the seam by approximately 1/4 of an inch for a better seal.

3. Take your Mod Podge and start applying directly over top of the fabric/paper and ensure you press down so the material is stuck to your container. Make sure you work out any air bubbles...you only get one chance! Work your way around the entire container and put a little extra Mod Podge on the seal (without making it globby of course).

4. Let the first layer of Mod Podge dry, continue applying layers of Mod Podge (and letting dry completely between each layer) until you are satisfied...I think I ended up applying 4 layers for good measure.

5. Time to insert the bags! I can't recall how many bags I used in mine, but there are at least 8 all rolled up with lots of room to spare. Take each grocery bag and flatten completely on the counter, fold in half so the two handles are directly on top of each other, flatten. Repeat with a second bag, take the second bag and place over the first bag as indicated in the picture.

6. Take the handles from the first bag and fold up at an angle (this will be the portion you pull through the lid of the container), begin rolling tightly towards the second bag pressing out air as you roll.

7. Continue to add bags in the same fashion until you are happy (remember to flatten, fold and overlap onto the previous bag!) with the number you have and it should look something like this...

8. Pop the bags into your container, thread through the handle of the first bag through the lid and you're all done!

love this idea because all my bags are now kept in one compact spot and I can throw this into my car without worries of bags spilling out everywhere. And I can remove this pattern at my whim and update it with some other print whenever I want :)