February 22, 2015

NES Coffee Table: Painting on the Awesomeness: Part 5

Primed and ready for paint!

Aww heck ya! In my opinion, painting is the most fun part of a project, because it means that you are at least 3/4 of the way done! You also get to see your project come to life and start to feel that awesome satisfaction of a job well done...or a job not well done, in which case the paint will definitely show perfection or flaws ;)

In any case, I loves me some paint!

So the first step before applying any paint is to make sure your project is all prepped and ready to go, totally tedious, but this will ensure your paint goes on nice and smooth. So I filled and sanded my entire project, and once sanded with a fine grit (I used 220), I used my shop vac to suck up as much sanding dust as possible, then used a sheet of tack cloth all over to wipe up any remaining dust. A tip here is to use a bare hand to wipe over your surface, then you can tell if there is any remaining dust and if you need to keep using your tack cloth to pick up dust. 

Next, I started to edge in to all of the edges and corners on the table, just like with any good paint project, edging in is key! It cuts down on a lot of paint time down the road. I didn't use any tape, just a good 'ol sharp angle paint brush and edged in with my paint slowly to ensure nice, crisp lines. There's nothing more satisfying than cutting in a crisp edge ;)

This table would actually look pretty cool painting it like it was "sketched"

Next step was to lay down the black base coat of the table.

Time for some fun details and taping everything off. Forgot to take pics of the red stencil work, my bad. In case you're wondering how I created the stencils, I went to the web and downloaded the "pretendo" font, I think I found it on dafont.com, after getting the right dimensions for the letters, I made my own stencil.  If you don't have any clear page protectors laying around, last time around when I built this table all I used was masking tape and then cut away with an exacto knife and weeded out the letters. Though in retrospect, it probably would have been easier to order a decal and just slapped that right on. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Ready for the reveal??? That will be in the next post along with how I made the legs ;) I can't give away all of it in one post can I? Where would the fun in that be!?

Anyways, quick painting tip that you should definitely remember...TAPE OFF EVERYTHING. I thought that I would be such an excellent painter that I wouldn't get any drips or splatter on other parts of the controller...like say the light grey...WRONG. In fact I made that mistake 3 times and then I had to go around touching everything up and taping off everything like I should have to begin with. Yup...when building and finishing wood, it's pretty much impossible to take the lazy way and pull it off. 

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