February 22, 2015

NES Coffee Table: Little Legs & Final Reveal: Part 6 final

Taaa daaa! Whaddaya think?? Oh you wanted the reveal of the NES Controller Coffee table, not just the leg reveal, I see. Well that's a shame because it's not here...well it's in this post, just not on the main picture, I mean you have to keep on reading to see it. 

So this is the final post completing my NES Controller Coffee Table series. I'll do a quick brief on how I made the legs and reveal the table in all her beauty. Hopefully it's to your liking...and well, if it's not...ain't nothing I can do about it now ;)

Keep on reading for NES table gloriousness..ness...

Legs...this table would have been finished about a month ago had I been able to decide on the legs. I was debating between finishing it with 2 legs or 4 legs.

 photo T2eC16RHJIMFHJLlv0NBSKFVwI4Q48_20_zps85844d3e.jpg photo KGrHqJHJFcFIMr7M6-BSKFnsjQ48_20_zpsb0be977c.jpg
I ended up going with 4 legs because in my mind, it would be easier to build, I've done once, I can do it again! Plus 4 legs is pretty much the norm with coffee tables right? Well after deciding on what legs to build, it literally only took me 2 more days to complete. Process was simple. I went to Home Depot and got one of the dudes to help me pick out a nice long 2x6 board, and then had them chop it up into 11" long pieces. Each leg consisted of 3 pieces of the 11" board, laminated them together, then chopped them down to 10" using my table saw and evened out the top and bottom.
2x6, 11" long, total of 12 pieces
I was considering using up the rest of my 3/4" MDF, but I did some measurements and I would have to buy another board to get the width/height that I wanted, so I figured a 2x6 board was much easier and it only cost me $8! So the next step was to sand everything smooth, then I drilled in 4 pocket holes on each leg so it was easy to attach them to the table. Voila! Prime, paint, and polycrylic and you've got yourself some legs :)

After attaching the legs I painted the pocket holes with more black paint to try to camouflage them. Ready??

No seriously are you ready???



Horrible quality photo, but with the glass top

And there she be, I think it turned out pretty good, a thousand times better than the first table I built, but there could still be improvements. What do you think?

Happy table building!

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