February 22, 2015

My Leaking Dishwasher and How I Fixed It!

I had a leaky dishwasher. Not just little leaks, all out water puddles on the floor. What. The. Heck. To be fair, my dishwasher is about 5 years old and I've never really done anything to maintain it, so it's inevitable to leak at some point...isn't it?

But do not despair! All was not lost and I didn't spend a dime to fix my dishwasher, I DIY'd that sucker myself and felt like a freaking super hero after I fixed it! Want to know how I fixed it? Keep on reading!

So I didn't actually know that my dishwasher was leaking until Greyson (my one year old) pointed it out, he literally pointed at all the water and said "ooooo," I came around the corner in my kitchen to investigate what he was pointing at and saw water all over the floor, ooooo indeed. You may be wondering how I didn't know that my dishwasher was leaking but it's an honest mistake! Just by the dishwasher is our sink (it's all on a kitchen island) and on the floor is a nice memory foam mat, well on two occasions prior to my discovery, half of the mat ended up getting wet and I couldn't understand why, I just thought that maybe I had spilled something while washing the dishes in the sink...turns out the mat was absorbing all of the leakiness of my dishwasher. Thank goodness a one year old let me know my dishwasher was leaking or this could have gone on for awhile...clearly my brain can't put two and two together. I'm glad my son is smarter than I am!

Anyways, I spent a long time Googling my options as I didn't want to bring in a repairman and drop a wad of cash if I didn't have to. Here's what I came up with:

  • Check the gasket seal (that rubber thingy that runs around your door) and make sure there isn't crusted food or cracks in it. Try taking it out, cleaning it, installing it and running the dishwasher. Check, done, still leaks! 

  • Clean the the holes in the spinny thing. If there is clogged food it might not spray the water where it is supposed to go. Cleaned with a toothpick, crusty grossness. Ran a cycle...still leaks!

  • I actually noticed that the leak was coming from the two screws at the bottom of the door. I unscrewed those and it opened a panel with wiring...in some tutorials looking here fixed the problem, but I didn't want to chance it so I screwed everything back to together and went back to the drawing board.

  • Here it is folks, the trick that saved my dishwasher from a pricey repairman. So I noticed that my dishwasher would only leak during the rinse cycle...which still means nothing to me at this point lol, but after literally hours of searching on the web, I came across one post that said to check your filter and clean it out...filter? What? I went searching on my dishwasher door and sure enough, there was a filter-type-thing that I'd never seen before in my life! Magic! This plastic piece just lifted out easy peasy.
You know what wasn't easy or peasy? Looking at the horrors that stood before me after taking off the filter door. GASP! Diiiiiiisgusting! I don't even know what the crusty particles were but it was enough to make me want to gag. I wadded up a whole bunch of paper towel and cleaned that filter out, also used a Qtip to get into the little grooves.

What's that? You want a closer look? I thought you might.

I ran 2 full cycles after cleaning out the filter and was pleased as peaches when there wasn't a single drop out of there! It ran perfect and I had fixed it all on my own! I actually felt like a superhero and felt like there was nothing that I couldn't do! 

Hopefully this post helps you fix your leaky dishwasher woes. Any other tips or tricks on fixing leaks??

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Happy cleaning/repairing!