February 21, 2015

DIY Stencil for Home Decor

Make your own stencil

Sure it doesn't look like much in this picture, but when you see what it helped me accomplish after the jump you'll understand how such a small thing could make me so happy!

As usual my DIY projects come about because mainstream stores just don't sell what I need (how dare they!). I became obsessed with this geometric print after seeing it on some baby bedding when I was pregnant (last year!) and knew I had to incorporate it into my house somehow. Fast forward to a year later and during that entire time I could not find anyone who sold this stencil...yeah sure I could probably pay someone to custom-make it...but why not just do that myself and be proud that I made my own stencil!? And that's exactly why I took this project on ;)

So stencils are just pieces of flexible plastic are they not? I happened to have some flexible plastic in my stock of random organizing stuff *dig dig dig* found it! You know those clear page protectors that I mentioned here? Well I decided to test this out on those, they are flexible, yet sturdy enough to take a beating by good 'ol spray paint. 

 Time required: 30 minutes + (depending on design)

Cost: 0-20 

Supplies I used: 
  • Clear sheet protector
  • Sharp exacto knife
  • Printer
Let's get started!

  • Print out your desired design on 8.5" x 11" paper and insert it into your page protector.

  • Take your exacto knife and start cutting away at all of your outlines, press a bit harder if you want to cut out both sheets of your page protector. Weed out all unwanted pieces.

  • You're done! Easy no? Now to actually use your stencil, use a spray adhesive on one side, let dry for approximately 30 seconds to become tacky and stencil away!
My stencil after using it several times

Here's the finished product using my DIY stencil. Turned out pretty good don't ya think? I ended up throwing out my stencil afterwards because I used spray paint for this project and it was starting to get crunchy near the end, but if you are using water-based paints you can totally wash your stencil off and use it again!

For more info on how I transformed the file cabinet below, click here.

Make your own stencil

Happy stenciling!