February 21, 2015

DIY Nursery Mobile

Outdoor diy nursery mobile
Now I know that this project won't be on everyone's to-do list, but for those expecting mamas out there...this one's for you ;)

Hubby and I decided to choose an uncommon theme for our nursery which means that your typical department store would not have any matching bedding sets or mobiles...which also means...it's time to DIY! 

I've always wanted to make little felt stuffies so this was a perfect time, they are easy, cute...and well...seriously just cute. This is my first attempt at making a crib mobile and I'm super happy with how everything turned out, I can't say how long it took in total as I stitched up the stuffies throughout the weeknights watching TV and doing other random things, but I would say that this is a simple project that you can complete in one weekend...perhaps even less if you're ambitious!

Keep in mind there are hundreds of options when creating your own mobile, so the steps/materials below are the ones I used specifically for my project.

Skill level: Beginner/easy
Time required: 4 hours total time (give or take a few days for slacking)
Cost: Approximately $15

Supplies I used:
  • Two twigs (in place of the standard wooden dowels)
  • Clear fishing line or clear jewellery thread
  • Assorted felt colors and coordinating embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle 
  • Stuffing
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ceiling hook
Let's get started!
  • Make sure you have an idea on what you would like your mobile to look like...i.e. pick out an overall theme with colors. I started with sketching out the templates for my stuffies on regular paper and then making "good" copies of each, and no, you do not need to draw on the stitching to your templates, but I am a geek  highly visual person ;)
  • Take your template and place over your two pieces of felt, cut around the template and clean up any cut lines afterwards. Once you've cut all of your pieces out, it's time to sew! There are multiple ways of sewing your stuffies together but I prefer sewing in large visible stitches because I think it's much more cute :) If you have multiple accents to sew to each side of your stuffies (i.e. birds beak, eyes, etc.), do this first before stitching your two pieces of felt together.

    When stitching, I look to see if there are any pointed pieces on my pattern that will need to be stuffed, I'll start the first stitch on the opposite site and work my way around, when you get close to stitching up your entire pattern, make sure to leave a little more than an inch at the end so you can insert your stuffing.
  • Once you've inserted your stuffing, finishing stitching your pattern and secure with a knot or two so the entire piece does not unravel. I tucked the ends of the thread back into the stuffie.
  • After sewing all of my stuffies, I used the embroidery needle to thread through invisible  jewellery thread (which is what I chose so the stuffies look like they are just floating in the air) starting at the bottom (and make a big knot first) exiting out the top and then tying to my twigs.
  • I used twine from the craft store to tie together my twigs and then secured the knots with a few beads of hot glue
  • After securing all of the stuffies to the twigs, I wrapped around more invisible jewellery thread from the twigs to the length that I wanted the mobile to hang, knotted securely, and hung on the ceiling hook.
This entire project cost roughly $15 (including 2 ceiling hooks) AND...there isn't a single person in the world other than me who has this exact mobile :) 

Anyways, like I said there hundreds of different variations on how to make a mobile but I found this was the best way for me. Hope this post gave you a little bit of inspiration.

Happy crafting!