February 21, 2015

DIY: Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments!

It's that time of year and I'm sure a lot of you get stumped on what exactly to buy that special person in your life that is simple and doesn't cost an arm and a leg...well here is a solution that anybody can complete! It's personal, unique, and cheap ;)

I've been doing this myself for a few years on and off, I always want a special Christmas ornament but there isn't an original one out there these days, everything is so mass produced...even those little customized polymer clay ornaments all start looking the same! Even with this simple project, there's so many different ways you can go about doing this. The possibilities are seriously endless!

Skill level: Beginner/easy
Time required: 1 hours +
Cost: $0 - $15

Supplies I used:

  • Plastic ornament ball (I recommend using a matte finish so the paint adheres better)
  • Variety of acrylic paint colors
  • Variety of paint brush sizes
  • Sealant (spray or paint-on in your preferred finish. Matte, semi-gloss, satin, high gloss)
Alternate supplies you could use:
  • Mod Podge, lace, ribbon, 3D embellishments, glitter, puffy paint, crystals, etc.

Let's get started!
  • No need to prep or prime your matte ornament, you can begin by covering your entire ornament with the background color of your choice. It will take several coats to completely cover the ornament so that the ornament color does not show through (don`t worry, acrylic paint dries very quickly so you won`t have to wait long between coats)
  • If you are worried about free-handing your design, use a pencil and draw out your design over top of your background color. Fill in your design until satisfied.
  • Once all of your paint has dried completely, you will need to apply a sealant to finish off your ornament. There are spray varnishes out there for ease of use, my choice sealant that is high-gloss is DecoArt Triple Thick. Apply according to package directions and let dry completely for 24 hours before packaging your ornament.
  • Package and give the gift of Christmas!

Happy gifting!