February 20, 2015

DIY Household Cleaners

Natural cleaners
There is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than completing an organizing project. And this particular one gives me little butterflies in my stomach and a smile on my face :)

If you don't already know, I'm a bit of an organizing freak and I like to have unity and matching items in many things. What better way to have unified/matching cleaning supplies than to have spray bottles and custom labels that all look the same? Rather than just using spray bottles that I already had in my house, or buying some cheap ones from the dollar store, I searched high and low and cam across some spray bottles from Uline, I've used Uline before and have always been happy with their products and turnaround time so I decided to go with them...plus...I didn't like any of the other spray bottles I found online!

Aside from being all match-y match-y, I've decided to try to rid my house from as many chemicals as possible in anticipation of Baby Bean. This includes opting for an ammonia-free window clenaer, a greener all purpose cleaner, a floor cleaner that doesn't involve using Lysol wipes (this is mostly used for cleaning the surface that my dog eats on), and a bathroom cleaner with fewer chemicals than the Scrubbing Bubbles I was using. So in order to mix my new "natural" cleaners, I had to of course find suitable bottles!

So the bottles I ended up with are 24 oz with an adjustable sprayer that can shoot out a fine strea or a fine mist (and everything else in between). They are also white and opague so that sunlight can't get through and break down any of the cleaning solution.

For the labels, I used Avery's White Permanent Durable I.D. Labels and they come in 8.5x11 sheets so you can make the labels whatever size you wish. I printed these on a laser printer (you can print on an inkjet...BUT, the labels will smear and won't be waterproof) and cut out by hand. I love these labels because they adhere to almost any surface, are waterproof and overall have a nice feel to them.

After attaching the labels I decided to take it one step further and color coordinate the neck ring to match the color on the label (geeky...I know!). For this step I just used several layers of acrylic paint and sealed it with nail polish. It'll work out for now, but if you really want this color to last, I would probably suggest sanding the plastic to rough it up, apply a primer and then your paint. With the route I went, if there's a chip, the entire coating will peel clean off! I decided to write down the ingredients for each cleaner directly on the label to make for easier mixing when the bottles runs low.

Now the last step is to actually mix the ingredients! I'll probably write a review on each of the cleaning solutions once I get a chance to test them out. But in the meantime...I'm still all giddy about how pretty the bottles looks :)

Happy cleaning!