February 21, 2015

DIY Customized Drawer Dividers

Clear acrylic drawer dividers

Did I really need to title this 'DIY' and 'customized'? Usually the two go hand in hand no? Anyhoo, here's my DIY version of those expensive individual acrylic drawer dividers that every store sells...only at a fraction of the price!

Sure they don't have quite the same appeal, but they do a great job and you can customize these dividers to any size you need, you can totally think outside of the acrylic box!

Keep on reading for video instructions!

Skill level: beginner/easy
Time required: Planning time + approximately 1 hour/drying time
Cost: $10 +

Supplies I used:
  • 0.08" plexi glass sheet (would recommend getting 0.09" instead)
  • Heavy duty utility knife (also could use a plastic scoring knife)
  • Metal ruler
  • Silicone
In a momentary lapse of not using my brain, I forgot to take pictures along the way in order to show you how to do this project step-by-step...however I did manage to record a handy instructional video instead :)

All the steps are outlined, the only thing I didn't mention is that you really should plan out your divider design before attempting to cut everything. An easy way would be to take out all the items in your drawer, and lay them back down in the manner that you want, draft up a quick design on paper and measure each section out. Then you can cut out all of your pieces and glue them up! 

Or you could be lazy like me and glue and measure things as you go along, and then realize the dividers are angled a bit funny and then go back and re-glue everything together making sure everything is aligned this time...

Happy dividing!