February 22, 2015

DIY Christmas Stockings with a Cuff

Sure it doesn't look tough, but if you're a super beginner sewer like I am, this would make you scratch your head for longer than you would think ;)

After the new addition to our family (new as in now-one-year-old!), I decided that I just had to have matching stockings for everyone, because I'm a freak like that...yeah you know you are too! We have a specific color theme for Christmas in our house and most of the colors (blue, white, silver) sold in stores have to do with cutesy snowmen and the like, and I wanted something a bit more elegant...but elegance comes at a price! A price that I'm not willing to pay for 5 times over (1 for me, 1 for hubby, 1 for baby, 1 for puppy, 1 for future baby we know we want).

So of course I figured I might as well make them myself! You wouldn't believe how many times my husband hears that in a week. The stockings pictured here have a folded cuff, inside lining, and there are no raw edges showing, everything is completely finished and it looks fabulous! I think anyways.

Keep on reading to see a step-by-step + video tutorial to make your very own stockings!

What you'll need: 
  • Stocking pattern
  • Fabric for outside of stocking, lining, and cuff
  • Ribbon
  • Coordinating thread for fabric choices
*The written step-by-step lacks...direction shall we say? I would highly recommend watching the video version to get a visual on exactly what I did as I also kinda forgot to take some pictures along the way for the written step-by-step :p*

Let's Get Started!

1. Take your pattern and cut out all of the pieces for your stocking (if you are making multiples, go ahead and cut out all of the pieces for those as well). You will want to fold your fabric so that you have the right sides facing each other, then cut and you'll have your two pieces. Cut out your two pieces for the outside of the stocking and the lining of the stocking, then cut your cuff piece and ribbon piece to the proper sizes.

I don't have a fancy rotary cutter or mat so I used some good 'ol pins and scissors! When cutting fabric with your scissors, just try to make sure your fabric doesn't shift while you're cutting..yeah...this can happen!

2. Sew your outside stocking fabric together (right sides facing together) and leave the top open. Do this for the outside of the stocking, and the lining. For longevity of my stockings, after stitching the pieces together, I used a zigzag stitch all the way around (as I don't have a serger, boo) to secure. Cut out little triangular notches at each curved point. This helps eliminate bulk when you turn your fabric inside-out.

Fold your cuff fabric in half (vertically, right sides together) and sew up the side. Open seams and press. Then turn your tube of fabric in half with right sides facing out, press. 

Cut ribbon to size. Turn the outside fabric so the right sides are facing out. 

You should now have 4 pieces that look like this picture. 

3. Slide cuff piece over top of the outside stocking piece, line up your seams, fold ribbon in half, and then pin on the lined up seams, your ribbon loop should be facing down. 

After pinning through the loop, cuff, and outside stocking, insert the whole thing into the lining (which should still be right sides together).

4. Remove pins and re-pin to include the lining. Take to your sewing machine and sew all the way AROUND the top.

5. Un-stitch a small opening (about 1.5 inches wide) at the bottom of your lining.

6. Gently pull the stocking out of the hole.

7. Keep on pulling until the whole thing kinda looks like the picture below. 

8. You'll want to sew the hole in the lining closed. I used this awesome top stitch that's completely ugly and visible! You could do a fancy blind stitch but you'll never see the inside of the lining again.

9. Shove the lining back inside the stocking and voila! A beautiful stocking with a folded cuff, and no raw seams showing! Hooray!

Check out the video tutorial!

Happy sewing!