February 21, 2015

DIY Car Seat Belt Holder

Have you ever wished you had a second pair of hands when buckling your child into their car seat? Do the buckles fall into the seat and then you have to dig underneath your child to get the buckles out? Well say goodbye to digging out the buckles because your second pair of hands are here!

I stumbled across Lula Clips one day and loved the idea! I always hated digging the buckles out from underneath Greyson and this would solve this particular problem. Only things that made me think twice before whipping out my credit card were...

1. The color of the hands...orange....really? Like really?
2. The price tag.
    So $14.99 wasn't bad, but at the time shipping was astronomical to Canada...or they didn't offer it, I can't remember...ok, let's be honest, I'm pretty sure I couldn't get past the hideous orange hands! 

    I decided that the solution to my problem would be...you guessed it! MAKE MY OWN! And while the little monkey clips are a far cry from the orange hands, they work like a charm and help to dress up the car seat ;)

    So keep on reading to see how to DIY these cute car seat helpers for under $10.

    Time required: 10 or so minutes (not including dry time)
    Cost: <$15

    Supplies I used:

    • 2 wood craft pieces
    • 2 bar pins w/ safety clasp
    • 4 rare earth magnets 
    • Gorilla glue
    Let's get started!

    • Line up your magnets on your wood craft piece and do a test run on your car seat as to where you would like the placement of your clips to be.
    • Once you are happy with placement, take your glue and glue on the bar pin to the back of the wood piece.
    • Place your magnets onto the back of the wood piece and form a ring of glue around the magnets creating a "glue seal."

      • I purposely did not glue the flat piece of the magnet onto the wood as I didn't want to create another layer between the magnet and the buckle clip.

    • Let dry and you're done! 

    Happy buckling!