February 21, 2015

DIY Burp Cloth Bracelet

What is a burp cloth bracelet you ask? Well it's exactly how it sounds, a burp cloth made into a bracelet that you wear!

As you know I'm a new mom and I'm always trying to simplify things and find ways to make myself more efficient. This is one small way that makes my life a bit easier when I'm on the go with little Greyson.

Keep on reading to see how I use these bracelets and how to make your own.

So...on the go I would carry receiving blankets with me so if there was a case of baby spit up, I could use that to wipe it away instead of having someone drooled all over, but throwing a receiving blanket at someone seemed somewhat cumbersome and added extra bulk in my diaper bag. I thought if I could wear something that could be used to wipe away drool that it would be much more convenient and I would have more room in my diaper bag! And so my brain thought up burp cloth bracelets.

I thought it would be a great idea to use those small squared wash cloths that every baby store sells...cheap, convenient, and colorful :) Now how to go about fashioning a bracelet? I turned to my good friend Google and nothing came up in my searches :O Google brought up nothing to my surprise and I was a bit shocked...I actually had to use my brain to whip up this little project.

I've recently purchased some cool snaps from KAMsnaps (the same kinds you see on cloth diapers) and have been trying to find ways to use them...this was the perfect project! I'm not going to go into detail how I made these, so I'll refer you to the video below for an idea on the two different versions. Now when I'm out and about I'll wear one of these bracelets and have two or three snapped in a chain on my diaper bag. Life savers!

Happy cleaning (drool and spit-up!)