February 22, 2015

Craft Room Update - Operation Find Cabinets!: Part 2

Operation complete! I think it took me just over 3 weeks to find some kitchen cabinets to use for my craft room space. Had I sent this one fella an email between midnight - 1 am (I went to sleep at midnight, no posting, woke up at 2 am to feed Greyson, saw the post, sent an email but they were already spoken for, wtf) to buy his cabinets, the search would have been like a day. It`s a shame because they may have been perfect and included a corner unit...whatevs. 

So these cabinets aren`t my `ideal` configuration, but I think these will work out nicely as well. They are also wood cabinets (not that MDF or particle stuff that everything is built out of nowadays...not that it matters because I will be painting them anyways...) and cost a grand total of $135! Actually, looking at them now they are the exact same cabinets that are in my kitchen, same style/wood/joints, but a better color. Anyways, even with the cost of paint, it will be significantly less than the $400 it would have cost at Home Depot. Same professional finish? No, but who cares, it's just my craft room people!

Tada! Aren't they beautiful? They're upside-down but they're mine! They are 3 different widths but it's perfect because they will all fit my new configuration. 

The dude was selling off his kitchen set at $45 a piece as he was doing a home reno and no longer wanted these cabinets. Let me tell you, after weeks of non-stop searching on Kijiji, these by far were the nicest cabinets and at the best price. Me = happy camper. 

Now I just have to clean, sand, prime, and paint these puppies. Then measure, mount, and fit. *sigh*

The nice is thing I think I will keep the existing knobby silver hardware, at least I think I will, once it's actually mounted onto the wall I'll decide from there. Anyhoo, here's what I mocked up as my new configuration.

Please forgive the bronze door knobs!

Not quite as nice as my original plan, but it still works, I'll just have to take care when opening the doors to the corner units so I don't accidentally mar any of the paint job. I've also decided that if I'm still in a DIY mood after installing the cabinets, I'd like to tack up some crown molding on the cabinets to finish it off and make it look all la-dee-da :D

On to the fun stuff now, I just have to wait for the weather to warm up a bit before I start tackling all the painting. In the meantime I'm going to unscrew all of the cabinet doors from the units and start sanding them!


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