February 22, 2015

Craft Room Update: New Cabinets!: Part 5

Yup. I built those myself. I can't believe it either! My craft room dream is actually coming true :)

Don't get too excited yet, the base cabinets I talked about here aren't fully completed yet, this is just set 1 of 3, the easy set. And I only have a month left of maternity leave :O

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here, I really just want to show you the progress of my craft room, not talk about what steps are next...or maybe I will cover that too after the jump, haven't quite decided yet...

So one of the things that I changed slightly were the knobs on the upper cabinets, they were soooo regular and kind of meh, they really just had to go! I decided on the double-strand handle for my base cabinets, and to match it I swapped them out on the upper cabinets as well. Check out the pics below, a little bit more elegant no? 

Easy swap, but took more time than I anticipated. The position of the screw holes were off from where I wanted the handles to be, so I had to wood fill the original holes, sand down and paint and then drill new holes. I still need to align the cabinet doors but that means drilling in new holes because there's not much wiggle room on the hinges...more holes, oi. But I'm happy with the final result :)

Alright, here's the real bread and butter. Horrible 'before' picture I know, but I forgot to take one before swapping out cabinets and it's all I could dig up! So as you look in to the right of my craft room, there was the big sewing table that I rarely used, with all it's glorious clutter on the top too. I removed that unit and in its place (which is also for sale in case you're interested!), is my custom cabinet that I built from scratch :) Check out my post here for a step-by-step on how to build your own. 

I had debated on painting the entire 'before' unit, but a) that would have been a lot of work since the unit is already assembled and has a bunch of crooks and crannies and b) it didn't have enough storage inside to house my many items. So I built a cabinet instead and I'm in love with it! I seriously just keep walking by the room and staring at the cabinets, in awe that I actually built them from a sheet of wood, it's mind blowing really. And maybe I'm bragging just a little bit, but seriously...I planned these, I built it, and it actually turned out! That's the biggest shocker! This was kind of my 'make it or break it' project, if I really sucked at this I would have quit woodworking and sold all my tools, but since these turned out, guess that means I get to buy more tools to have under my belt :D

Still a wee bit cluttered, but less so and more beautiful :)

I could still maximize the inside space by building out some little dividers and such to go on the door, but that will come down the road. At least most of the clutter is housed away so I'm a happy camper right now!

Next on my list...well it would obviously be to build out the remainder of the cabinets which include drawers and a file cabinet...that's why I said this cabinet was the "easy" of the three, it's literally just screwing in shelves which takes less precision than building a drawer. More hours of YouTube research here I come!


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