February 22, 2015

Craft Room Update: Looking Good!: Part 4

Remember this ugly thing? It's still ugly to me...only less ugly :)

I've made a few small improvements to help minimize the clutter, but it's nowhere near where I want it to be yet...and I only have 3 months left on mat leave. Where has the time gone? And summer is almost over! What the heck!?

I still need to actually finish my NES Controller Coffee Table first before tackling anything else...but this beast is on my mind. Check out my potential design for the rest of this office after the jump!

Before we go any further, I need your opinion...not that it will change anything because the cabinets are already installed...but this is the progress so far, whatcha think?

The 'after' is a little better isn't it? ISN'T IT!? It's funny because in the picture my room looks even smaller but I swear it looks good in person. There's a bunch of storage within the cabinets and I have a little stationery landing area to the right side (that is cut off in the picture). 

Everything is still a bit of a mish mash in there, I need base cabinets and a working counter space to finish off the room...unfortunately...you guessed it, I need to have it custom made. Why? Because that's just the way I am ;)  Normal kitchen base cabinets are far too deep and tall for my work space, and they don't have enough space to store things quite the way I want to store them.

So...it's time for another DIY project. Only this isn't a small one that I can mess up on...this one is huge...daunting really. But I can do it...I just don't know how long it will take! Here's what I drafted up in Google Sketchup (I love this program!) and I think it's good. I still have to draft up all the drawers and door fronts to enclose everything, but it shows all of the space that is already allocated to miscellaneous items (i.e. sewing machine, file cabinet, drawers for stationery, laminator, paper cutter, etc.). I even ambitiously added in decorative little toe kicks at the bottom of each cabinet, pretty!

Ta daa!

So...thar she is, my beast. There's so many projects I have in my little head that I want to complete, but none more important than finishing off my craft room. Need to get 'er clear of clutter and organized and apparently the only way to do that is to build cabinets myself. OI.

Until next time!


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