February 22, 2015

Quick Review: Misto

Quick Review: Misto
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This is just one of these indispensable gadgets that I could not part with...and it was pretty inexpensive too! I use this on an almost daily basis when I cook, and the best part is you don't need refills of any type, and there are no additional chemicals involved. 

I've had my Misto for over a year now and it still works perfect. I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon. 

Hope you guys love this as much as I do :)

Happy cooking!

Quick Review: FriXion Erasable Pens

FriXion Erasable Pens
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You're probably thinking that this is a strange review...and you're right! It's not your typical mom product review but these are so cool that they are worth mentioning.

I use these at home and in the office and they have come in handy so many times. I write a lot of sticky note lists and grocery lists at home, and instead of having to scratch a line out if I make a mistake or change my list, I can simply erase it. 

At the office I've been working at building out floor plans and assigning people into seats and these erasable pens have been a lifesaver. 

Space Saving Vacuum Bags Comparisons & Review

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If you've been wondering if vacuum bags work and what the best bag is...well you've come to the right place! I've taken the leg work out of testing out most of the major brands in a head-to-head competition so I'm saving you time and money...you're welcome! 

Quick Review: Summer Infant Plastic Bib

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 Quick Review: Summer Infant Bucket Bib

MelodySusie 192 Needles Microneedle Skin Care Therapy System

MelodySusie 192 Needles Microneedle
Skin Care Therapy System

Nope, this is not a torture device, though I'm sure it would be difficult to convince you otherwise because of all those teeny tiny needles! This is a skincare system - believe it or not - designed to help provide circulation to your skin and get rid of acne scars and a myriad of other skin problems.

Does it really work? 192 microneedles poking around on your skin without leaving 192 tiny holes?? Well, you'll just have to watch my video review to find out ;)

Review: MelodySusie Multifunction Facial Brush

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Pretty :) Who says beauty can't be beautiful? Well...probably nobody but I couldn't think of anything else to open with! 

So I was approached by the same company who sent me the Gel Nail Dryer and Makeup Brush Set to review, and I couldn't turn them down, I'm always in the market to try out new things to add to my beauty routine to help beautify me...or really just  try new things in general.

I'm a bit pressed for time these days and filming and editing a video seems to take less time than writing out a full blog post, so I'm going to let my long-ass video review do the talking for me instead...literally. Enjoy!

Quick Review "QR": Phillips AVENT Soft Spout Spill-Proof Sippy Cup

Click the image to be taken to the video review.

 Phillips AVENT Soft Spout Cup

Review: Timi & Leslie Abby Diaper Bag

Wait what? That's a diaper bag? Looks like a beautiful leather purse don't it? Yeah, that's MY diaper bag :D

If you're looking for an in-depth review of the Timi & Leslie Abby diaper bag, you've found it! Probably more in-depth than you would care to read about, but you know me and my reviews, they can go on forever!

I'll cover the basics, the extras, and heck, I'll even show you what it looks like on the body. Still interested? Well keep on reading!

Review: MelodySusie 32 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set

Click this pic to buy this
brush set from Amazon!
Let's talk makeup brushes people! Excuse the special duck face next to this brush set, it does not come with these brushes so don't be put off buying these ;)

Let's get this little disclaimer out of the way shall we? I was provided this brush set by MelodySusie for review, however these are my own honest opinions. I'm not being paid to review this (I wish!).

I've used this brush set for about a month in order to provide you with an informed review, wanna know more? Keep on reading after the jump!

Review: MelodySusie Super Mini 6W LED Gel Nail Polish Dryer

Click here to watch the video review/demo!
What is this contraption you ask? Read the title ;) For those of you unfamiliar with gel nail polish, this little unit is not your conventional nail dryer that blows out air onto your manicure, this fun unit is far more advanced!

It "dries" your gel nail polish by using LED UV lights that cure and harden your gel nail polish leaving you with a protected, glossy top coat.

I'm a big dumb dumb and forgot to take pictures of my nail 'before and after' so there's no more info after the jump :( I'm a big fan of using this unit in conjunction with a gel nail polish top coat and it's helped my nail art to last for over 3 weeks without fading and using an occasional touch-up (by simply applying another gel topcoat and curing).

I would totally recommend this unit to anyone looking for a cute, and small nail polish dryer. It's compact...and it works!

Vegan Cuts Monthly Subscription Box - Unboxing

Well hello delicious treats! Where have you been all my life? I've heard of monthly subscription boxes for beauty, health, mom and baby products, but never for snacks, especially vegan snacks!

This is a brilliant idea, not only do you get to try a variety of delicious and good-for-you snacks, but it delivers directly to your door. There's no need for umming and aahing over what to try in stores, the guesswork is taken out and all you need to do is hand over some cash, and shovel the treats into your mouth :)

Review: Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor

Well that title is a mouthful! Coming atcha with another review. If you follow my blog, you'll remember that in this post, I mentioned why I prefer a video monitor over an audio monitor. I decided to do a small review/feature overview on the video monitor that I currently own. 

Keep on reading to find out more details!

Review: Pink Lemonade Mama Cloth

I. Found. Heaven...in a menstrual pad. Whaaat? Yeah I know I'm weird, I'm completely aware of that! So remember how I was completely in love with my Lunapads? Eff that, I'm totally over those. 

Move over Lunapads and make way for my new love affair, Pink Lemonade! Sounds delicious no? Not quite delicious, more like luxuuuuuurious mmm.

Review: Ubimed Lifenest

A what? Lifenest you say? You got it! You probably haven't heard of this sleeping system as it's not widely advertised and it doesn't actually look like you can buy it from many retailers...when I was looking to buy this there was only one place in Canada you could purchase it from. Anyways, more on that later, but I'm doing this review for those of you who are very cautious new parents and looking for some peace of mind when your baby sleeps in their crib.

This nest system is primarily designed to help prevent Plagiocephaly aka Flat Head Syndrome, but this also helps to promote the "back is best" philosophy and helps you worry less about SIDS. In a nutshell, this nest is designed for your baby's comfort and the parents' peace of mind.

Review: Ubbi Diaper Pail

It's a thing of beauty no? What's that? It's a diaper pail you say!? Eww...but it's still really pretty :)

Whether you cloth diaper or diaper like normal folk, you've probably Googled different diaper pails to find the best one in form and function. Well this pretty little diaper pail is both! 

Keep on reading for an overview and my review of my Ubbi pail.

Review: Nursing Pads Review

Well this entry is pretty straight-forward, my review on disposable nursing pads! I say disposable because I've been using cloth for everything else and I did't want you to get any ideas that I was only reviewing cloth nursing pads!

I'm doing a quickie review on the Johnson's  nursing padsMedela nursing pads, and Lansinoh nursing pads. These seem to be the top 3 pads that people debate between and wonder which one is the best.

Review: Lunapads - Cloth Menstrual Pads

I know what you're thinking...cloth menstrual pads? Gross. Yeah don't worry, I thought the same thing at one point, but I became a believer during post partum!

So in addition to my actual review of these pads,  I'd like to share my reason for 'why cloth?' I had actually bought some mama cloth (the coined term for cloth menstrual pads) quite a few years ago when I first heard of this and tried them out for one menstrual cycle...when I first put them in my underwear and tried them out...heaven, it was like puffy soft clouds hugging my lady bits!

Review: The Bella Band

Oh BB, I do enjoy your company! Or at least my bloating enjoys your company :)

So here's the lowdown, I'm 5'2 and pre-pregnancy I weighed in at about 98 lbs (I'm Asian...this is quite normal I assure you), I started to bloat like crazy around the 3 month mark...so much so that it was getting near impossible to button up my pants without feeling insanely tight and uncomfortable. My "bandaid" solution until I figured out something better was to get either a hair elastic or a rubberband, tie one end around the pant button, and then loop through the hole and wrap around the button again. Just call me Miss Fashionista! 

Review: Leachco's Snoogle - Total Body Pillow

Well I decided that if I'm going to do reviews on mommy-products, I might as well post them in separate entries so it's easier for people to filter through. Duh.

So on my pregnancy journey, another fun body change that I've recently encountered...BACK PAIN. I'm sitting at 21 weeks now and have gained a total of 11 lbs, I didn't think I would have to face this for awhile...but my body decided otherwise. My first sleep deprived night was around July 22nd, woke up and my lower back was SORE, complained most of the day, grunted and groaned but was otherwise fine. Decided to be cheap and instead of buying one of those Snoogle pillows, I borrowed two long cylindrical body pillows from my parents, back felt better the two nights I used it, but not as perfect as it once was. At my ultrasound I was mentioning the pain to my dad...ok ok...complaining to my dad, and what is waiting for me when I arrive home but a new Snoogle complete with a separate pillow cover :D

My Leaking Dishwasher and How I Fixed It!

I had a leaky dishwasher. Not just little leaks, all out water puddles on the floor. What. The. Heck. To be fair, my dishwasher is about 5 years old and I've never really done anything to maintain it, so it's inevitable to leak at some point...isn't it?

But do not despair! All was not lost and I didn't spend a dime to fix my dishwasher, I DIY'd that sucker myself and felt like a freaking super hero after I fixed it! Want to know how I fixed it? Keep on reading!

DIY Christmas Stockings with a Cuff

Sure it doesn't look tough, but if you're a super beginner sewer like I am, this would make you scratch your head for longer than you would think ;)

After the new addition to our family (new as in now-one-year-old!), I decided that I just had to have matching stockings for everyone, because I'm a freak like that...yeah you know you are too! We have a specific color theme for Christmas in our house and most of the colors (blue, white, silver) sold in stores have to do with cutesy snowmen and the like, and I wanted something a bit more elegant...but elegance comes at a price! A price that I'm not willing to pay for 5 times over (1 for me, 1 for hubby, 1 for baby, 1 for puppy, 1 for future baby we know we want).

So of course I figured I might as well make them myself! You wouldn't believe how many times my husband hears that in a week. The stockings pictured here have a folded cuff, inside lining, and there are no raw edges showing, everything is completely finished and it looks fabulous! I think anyways.

Keep on reading to see a step-by-step + video tutorial to make your very own stockings!

IKEA Hack: Spice Rack Turned Bookshelves

Books...so many children books already and Greyson can't even read!  We have books for ages 0 through to the teen years, yet we had nowhere to hold all of them. They literally just sat in reusable shopping bags tucked away in the corner of Grey's closet. Drove me nuts!

I spent hours scouring the web for book storage solutions and didn't really come up with anything that I loved for a reasonable price, and then I remember a pin I saw once on Pinterest. Ikea hacks...loves me some Ikea hacks!

Don't know what an Ikea hack is? Google it! No seriously, you'll love it, it's taking an Ikea item and re-purposing/upgrading the item into something much cooler and customized to your tastes.

Don't believe me? Those little book shelves are actually the Bekvam spice racks.

Quickie Update to my Cabinet

I know what you're thinking..."more updates to your craft room? Ugh!". Well if you're thinking that then you probably shouldn't be reading this post ;)

After filling up my newly built cabinets in my craft room, I realised there was a whole section that I hadn't even thought about building. In my original sewing table, on the door there were two "caddy" areas that had dividers to hold all of my sewing paraphernalia, when I went to fill up my cabinets I had nowhere to put my sewing knick knacks! So they sat all nicely jumbled together in one bin *sigh*. In the sole purpose of "everything having it's place" in my new cabinets, I obviously had to build a caddy unit to house my random knick knacks. 

After the jump isn't a tutorial, but a few pictures and my step-by-step in case you are interested in building your own!

Craft Room Update: New Cabinets!: Part 5

Yup. I built those myself. I can't believe it either! My craft room dream is actually coming true :)

Don't get too excited yet, the base cabinets I talked about here aren't fully completed yet, this is just set 1 of 3, the easy set. And I only have a month left of maternity leave :O

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here, I really just want to show you the progress of my craft room, not talk about what steps are next...or maybe I will cover that too after the jump, haven't quite decided yet...

Building Custom Cabinets: The Reveal - Part 4 (final)

Hello beautiful. Would you like to come home with me? What's that? You already are home? Excellent.

He he he, I'm SO proud of myself, it's such a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment building something from nothing. This was literally pieces of wood when I started, and now it's a beautiful, functioning cabinet that can hold stuff and you can open and close the door, amazing!

I'm not quite finished yet, I still need to add on the toe kick in the front, but I haven't quite figured out what design I want it to be, I don't want just a plain 'ol straight board of wood, so I'll probably give you an update in a later post once I've settled on a design.

Interested in how I built this and some words of wisdom? Keep on reading after the jump!

Building Custom Cabinets: Building the Door - Part 3

Hardware installed and ready to assemble!

Doors...yup, need 'em, and since my base cabinet frame are custom measurements, that means I need to build a custom door. Also, for those of you following this...I just want to say that I'm by no means a professional at this, far from it in fact! This is my first attempt at a cabinet so if you're following my blog on how to build one and it doesn't come out like you'd hoped, you can't blame me! Just sayin'.

I was debating on what wood to use for my doors, just when I was thinking birch plywood (which to be honest, I don't even know if plywood is recommended for the doors), I realised I had a giant piece of leftover MDF from my NES Coffee Table. There are many different ways you can build doors, but I decided to make just a simple shaker cabinet door with an MDF frame and plywood center.

Building Custom Cabinets: Assembling the Frame - Part 2

First carcass all assembled, woot! There's an
extra shelf sitting on the top waiting for me
to figure out what to do with it.

Woot! Celebratory dance because the first carcass for my cabinet is assembled and actually looks pretty good! I know it's just pieces of wood stuck together, but I was afraid it wouldn't square up or look right. Again, it's all slapped together with glue and pocket holes.

Alright, first off, I've chosen not to put on a face frame for these cabinets, I just want it all simple and flush for the doors...also, I didn't want to spend extra time on a face frame for these cabinets. Since I've chosen plywood, you'll be able to see the plys on the edges so I picked up some wood edge banding, adhered it on the showing edges with an iron, and then sanded down the edges to fit. Then I sanded everything down for a nice smooth finish, starting with I think 120 and ended with a 220 grit. 

Building Custom Cabinets: My Vision - Part 1

My vision
Yup. Custom cabinets. This can't be too hard right? Especially for a third woodworking project...

Some people call me ambitious, others call me crazy. I believe I'm a fine line somewhere in between ;) Why custom cabinets you ask? Well this of course has to do with my craft room. I was going to purchase some RTA (ready to assemble) kitchen base cabinets, but the dimensions were just too big for my little craft room, the cabinets would extend out to 25" with the table overhang and that would give me literally 2 square feet of space to walk into my craft room. Not that I'm in dire need of walking space in there, but I don't want my entire room to be cabinets...only 3/4 of it!

Keep on reading to follow me on this project, it's lengthy, but keep in mind I'm trying to write out all the details for any newbies wanting to know what the process is :)

Craft Room Update: Looking Good!: Part 4

Remember this ugly thing? It's still ugly to me...only less ugly :)

I've made a few small improvements to help minimize the clutter, but it's nowhere near where I want it to be yet...and I only have 3 months left on mat leave. Where has the time gone? And summer is almost over! What the heck!?

I still need to actually finish my NES Controller Coffee Table first before tackling anything else...but this beast is on my mind. Check out my potential design for the rest of this office after the jump!

Prep, Sand, Prime and Paint!: Part 3

Now the tedious fun part begins! I'd like to note that I've never tackled a project like this before, so it's a whole new learning process for me + hours of Google searches. 

So this means there's a lot of room for error, fingers crossed that there are none, but that's what learning new things is all about! Plus, if there are hiccups along the way, you can learn from my mistakes :)

I've decided that I want to spray paint my cabinets...yes, spray paint, with a spray paint can. Why? Well one, I'd read such good things about spray paint projects from other DIY blogs and two...I'm lazy. You might ask how I can call myself lazy if I'm taking on painting kitchen cabinets...but let me assure you this is completely possible. The thought of using a roller and a paint brush to paint these cabinets makes me twitch a little because that seems like too much work, but pressing a nozzle on a can seems fun! Plus, I've picked up one of those fun little handle attachments that make the can look like a gun :)

Craft Room Update - Operation Find Cabinets!: Part 2

Operation complete! I think it took me just over 3 weeks to find some kitchen cabinets to use for my craft room space. Had I sent this one fella an email between midnight - 1 am (I went to sleep at midnight, no posting, woke up at 2 am to feed Greyson, saw the post, sent an email but they were already spoken for, wtf) to buy his cabinets, the search would have been like a day. It`s a shame because they may have been perfect and included a corner unit...whatevs. 

So these cabinets aren`t my `ideal` configuration, but I think these will work out nicely as well. They are also wood cabinets (not that MDF or particle stuff that everything is built out of nowadays...not that it matters because I will be painting them anyways...) and cost a grand total of $135! Actually, looking at them now they are the exact same cabinets that are in my kitchen, same style/wood/joints, but a better color. Anyways, even with the cost of paint, it will be significantly less than the $400 it would have cost at Home Depot. Same professional finish? No, but who cares, it's just my craft room people!

Updating My Wee Craft Room: Part 1

This room. The bane of my existence...and my husband's as well! This wee little area is currently my office as well as a landing area for any item that does not belong somewhere else. It's not usually this messy, I forgot to take a 'before' picture before I started overhauling the room so this is more of a 'during' (I swear!).

So all was well in office land when I was using it for just that, hubby and I own a small bath and body business so this area contains everything Delish. All my craft items were stored in one of our spare rooms...fast forward to some months later and that spare room is now the nursery aka Greyson's room. So all of my craft items were displaced to hubby's office and randomly strewn about. Not only did this drive hubby crazy, it drove me crazy! And when you have two crazies in the house...needless to say something had to be done!

NES Coffee Table: Little Legs & Final Reveal: Part 6 final

Taaa daaa! Whaddaya think?? Oh you wanted the reveal of the NES Controller Coffee table, not just the leg reveal, I see. Well that's a shame because it's not here...well it's in this post, just not on the main picture, I mean you have to keep on reading to see it. 

So this is the final post completing my NES Controller Coffee Table series. I'll do a quick brief on how I made the legs and reveal the table in all her beauty. Hopefully it's to your liking...and well, if it's not...ain't nothing I can do about it now ;)

Keep on reading for NES table gloriousness..ness...

NES Coffee Table: Painting on the Awesomeness: Part 5

Primed and ready for paint!

Aww heck ya! In my opinion, painting is the most fun part of a project, because it means that you are at least 3/4 of the way done! You also get to see your project come to life and start to feel that awesome satisfaction of a job well done...or a job not well done, in which case the paint will definitely show perfection or flaws ;)

In any case, I loves me some paint!

NES Coffee Table: Are We Ready to Paint Yet???: Part 4

Ooooo buttons!
Are we ready to paint yet? Are we ready to paint yet?? Are we ready to paint yet??? (mimicking the infamous 'are we there yet' whine). 

Man, building stuff takes a long time and so does sanding, and I have short amounts of patience (so you can see how woodworking and I often clash!).  I often hit a point in my projects where I just want to fast forward to the fun part of painting and be done with it!

But no...since I'm actually selling this table I can't half ass it...or can I?? ;p

NES Coffee Table: Buttons Are Hard Work: Part 3

Real quick update...like so quick that there aren't any clever words after the jump (btw, 'the jump' is when you click on the 'Click here for full post>>' and it "jumps" to the rest of the blog entry). 

Buttons take a long time for me to build apparently, so between sanding/shaping/painting them I'm working on the frames, decided to prime and paint some frame to build my motivation to move at a faster pace to build this table :) Pic is the updated table so far minus the buttons. More to come in a later post!

NES Coffee Table: She's Beginning to Take Shape!: Part 2

What a beauty! She's beginning to take shape :)

So remember how I said that I wasn't going to do any cuts because I had to keep the garage clean? Well we didn't end up having our community garage sale so I decided that I couldn't possibly wait a few more weeks before diving right into this puppy.

Building a Nintendo (NES) Coffee Table: Part I

Mocked up in Google Sketchup
Welcome to my next big project! Does the design in the picture look familiar? Well if you've ever played console games or haven't been buried under a rock in the last 25 years you should know that this design looks like the classic Nintendo controller we all know and love. 

I've already built this replica controller into a giant working controller/coffee table for my husband's 25th birthday, but I'm going to attempt to build another one (or two!) and sell it off so I can fund all of the tools that I've been buying recently :) So this 2.0 model should be crafted much better because we all learn from our mistakes right? ;) So in an effort to further improve my table-crafting skills, I'm going to be blogging this build step-by-step...or at least try to.

February 21, 2015

Craft Room Addition: Wrapping Paper Slide-Out Holder

Add caption

That's quite a mouthful for the title eh? Sounds simple...yet it proved to be quite a little challenge! As is with all of my DIY projects since I am attempting them for the first time :)

So after I painted and hung my craft room cabinets, there was a gaping gap between two of  my cabinets in the corner. Why you ask? Well cabinets weren't meant to be  hung in that fashion, there's usually a designated corner cabinet hung there and then cabinets properly hung on either side...had I not been cheap thrifty, I would have had one there too, but my cabinet plans changed and this is what I ended up with.

I had to cover the gap somehow, but I also knew that I had to utilize the 14"x14" space in that empty corner. So...the brain child for a slide-out wrapping paper holder was born :)

DIY Nursing Tank Top

This is probably the best thing EVER. Cheap, easy, fast (stop thinking what you're thinking, this is a PG blog!), and my favorite...uber practical! As all you mamas or mamas-to-be know, maternity clothes can be expensive, and nursing gear is no exception. Who wants to spend $30 on a single nursing tank top on top of nursing bras and shirts!? Not me said I! The solution? Use what you already have in your closet + a little needle & thread, and voila! Custom-made nursing tank top that can be used with almost any nursing bra that you already own.

Never sewn anything before? Fret not, I've included a step-by-step video that shows you how to knot off your stitches and secure everything :)

Filing Cabinet Makeover

Spray paint your file cabinet

I'm so proud of this :) And I'm always amazed at how a little bit 'o paint can transform anything. 

I needed a new filing cabinet for my office because the old metal one I had was making me angry! The drawers would not glide out smoothly nor properly, and I had to use both of my hands to open each drawer without tipping over the entire unit. Frustrating!

I was on the hunt for a new filing cabinet, I was trying to stay away from the metal ones and find a nice wood one for longevity's sake. So I turned to Kijij! Man I love Kijiji, you can find some really good items on there for such a reasonable price. I was looking to spend no more than $50 on a 'new' cabinet. I was dead set on a wood one and in-stores, brand new ones cost at LEAST $100. Boo.

DIY Stencil for Home Decor

Make your own stencil

Sure it doesn't look like much in this picture, but when you see what it helped me accomplish after the jump you'll understand how such a small thing could make me so happy!

As usual my DIY projects come about because mainstream stores just don't sell what I need (how dare they!). I became obsessed with this geometric print after seeing it on some baby bedding when I was pregnant (last year!) and knew I had to incorporate it into my house somehow. Fast forward to a year later and during that entire time I could not find anyone who sold this stencil...yeah sure I could probably pay someone to custom-make it...but why not just do that myself and be proud that I made my own stencil!? And that's exactly why I took this project on ;)

Spray Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

First coat of primer
Now the tedious fun part begins! I'd like to note that I've never tackled a project like this before, so it's a whole new learning process for me + hours of Google searches. 

So this means there's a lot of room for error, fingers crossed that there are none, but that's what learning new things is all about! Plus, if there are hiccups along the way, you can learn from my mistakes :)

I've decided that I want to spray paint my cabinets...yes, spray paint, with a spray paint can. Why? Well one, I'd read such good things about spray paint projects from other DIY blogs and two...I'm lazy. You might ask how I can call myself lazy if I'm taking on painting kitchen cabinets...but let me assure you this is completely possible. The thought of using a roller and a paint brush to paint these cabinets makes me twitch a little because that seems like too much work, but pressing a nozzle on a can seems fun! Plus, I've picked up one of those fun little handle attachments that make the can look like a gun :)

Conquer Your Cluttered Cords!

Cords gone wild!!!!

Is this what your current cord/cable storage looks like? Yeah, mine was like that too, but there is hope! If I haven't scared you off yet, then it means you're interested in wrangling up your many cords hiding around the house! 

I don't know about you, but I've always had problems with having too many extra cords and cables laying around, and I have no clue what they are for or what object they belong to...well no longer! I have mastered my cords and have them in one handy place telling me exactly what they are.

You'll love what I did with the cords after the jump!

DIY Baby Carrier Drool Pads/Covers

Feels like I'm coming up with the strangest DIY projects. First a car seat belt buckle holder...next a drool pad! It's not what you would think it is, not for regular drooling like bibs and whatnot. These pads/covers are for your soft-structured baby carriers (i.e. Beco, Ergo, Boba, etc.).

If you own one of these and have worn your child in it, you know exactly what the function of these drool pads are.

You can buy these off of Etsy starting at around  $15, but as usual...why buy something when I can make it myself??

DIY Car Seat Belt Holder

Have you ever wished you had a second pair of hands when buckling your child into their car seat? Do the buckles fall into the seat and then you have to dig underneath your child to get the buckles out? Well say goodbye to digging out the buckles because your second pair of hands are here!

I stumbled across Lula Clips one day and loved the idea! I always hated digging the buckles out from underneath Greyson and this would solve this particular problem. Only things that made me think twice before whipping out my credit card were...

1. The color of the hands...orange....really? Like really?
2. The price tag.
    So $14.99 wasn't bad, but at the time shipping was astronomical to Canada...or they didn't offer it, I can't remember...ok, let's be honest, I'm pretty sure I couldn't get past the hideous orange hands! 

    I decided that the solution to my problem would be...you guessed it! MAKE MY OWN! And while the little monkey clips are a far cry from the orange hands, they work like a charm and help to dress up the car seat ;)

    So keep on reading to see how to DIY these cute car seat helpers for under $10.

    DIY Customized Drawer Dividers

    Clear acrylic drawer dividers

    Did I really need to title this 'DIY' and 'customized'? Usually the two go hand in hand no? Anyhoo, here's my DIY version of those expensive individual acrylic drawer dividers that every store sells...only at a fraction of the price!

    Sure they don't have quite the same appeal, but they do a great job and you can customize these dividers to any size you need, you can totally think outside of the acrylic box!

    Keep on reading for video instructions!

    DIY Burp Cloth Bracelet

    What is a burp cloth bracelet you ask? Well it's exactly how it sounds, a burp cloth made into a bracelet that you wear!

    As you know I'm a new mom and I'm always trying to simplify things and find ways to make myself more efficient. This is one small way that makes my life a bit easier when I'm on the go with little Greyson.

    Keep on reading to see how I use these bracelets and how to make your own.

    DIY: Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments!

    It's that time of year and I'm sure a lot of you get stumped on what exactly to buy that special person in your life that is simple and doesn't cost an arm and a leg...well here is a solution that anybody can complete! It's personal, unique, and cheap ;)

    I've been doing this myself for a few years on and off, I always want a special Christmas ornament but there isn't an original one out there these days, everything is so mass produced...even those little customized polymer clay ornaments all start looking the same! Even with this simple project, there's so many different ways you can go about doing this. The possibilities are seriously endless!